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  1. Look what I have found in the CNCNET Archive !!!!!! look at the ICBM cameo
  2. All players should be seeing what player you are looking for. I want to see that interesting man you are looking for. It's really important to me!!! Also, you probably typed too quick. If you types and hit enter three times in a swift manner, you get the ban as the bot would think you are spamming.
  3. Yes all except for Red alert 2 and euri revenge, mental omelette is free but you need to buy Euri revenge. no virus from this site. Downloaded the thing dozens of times with no problem. Your antivirus might have suspicions about the CNCNET though. q4 and q5 I have no answer.
  4. Question here for hard core modders and comp stomp map makers. Could we potentially add this logic to Tiberium sun, where a carryall would detect harvester movement and carry it to Tiberium field and then back to base. Are there set of triggers we could potentially alter to suit this idea. just wondering.
  5. Why don't you report that? You said the word " Islamic" and got banned suddenly? Or did someone report your filthy mouth and then you got banned. If someone said "dirty ......" he will be banned of course, given the fact that he is reported. You could say any word you like and get away with it as long as no one is reporting you. You want try that, double click on your nickname and say the word "scum" as much as you like and you won't be reported. Guaranteed!
  6. Dear Matt, I am writing to you in response to your topic. You don't have to force your ideas into someone else's. People have free will, you have no obligation or commitment to persuade them. Regards, Assist
  7. Hey, we know that TS support hundreds of color tags. So the possibility of adding more colours to the multiplayer games would be a nice feature that enhance individualisation of the players experience (like what we see in modern RTS, although I don't play them) I now rarely play here either. yes I know that you could modify the colours in the option, but that only affect one player. Also you could fix the green and blue colours as they appear the same colour as Tiberium in Radar map. Pink and purple looks almost alike. Lighter pink and darker purple is much better visually. My suggestion would be make 10 colours available instead of 8 colours. Yes, it's not up to me to decide how the game should improve!!! I am merely trying to enrich the ideas that might be considered for TS or at least keeping the forum alive. On side note, perhaps a moderator might feel it's better to separate this topic into two topics. This is in regards to suggestions or ideas; Yes, Nobody owe me nor I owe someone, but I'd like to hear from developers if they really interested on hearing suggestions from lay people or not. I know some people here thinks that developers are on full time job in the CNCNET and would have really nasty attitude toward the developers. You are not. Perhaps your life is full of responsibilities and clutters of life issues and duties. So it is a good idea to hear what point of view do the developers and moderators have on suggestions. Is there a specific policy you following? It would be nice if this thing is clarified.
  8. Keep it up man. Post more pictures and on different colours. I saw what you did here. Dont stop!
  9. Well Holland, of course it's not a straight forward suggestion. This might take hours of hard work for seemingly something that has no direct effect on the game. Also bear in mind our developers are not game oriented but say online platform oriented. If you noticed, they would be concerned with any bug or inconvenience that have an impact on the overall CNCNET. But for such "change", it might imply that this isn't from the original game, i.e. a HERESY. Cameos addition is profoundly odd. A developer will not waste 6 hours or more just to add cameos in expense of other more important issues. It's really up to us to sell this idea to our developers and convince them why we need such a change. Our strength lies in our understanding of the game itself rather than the CNCNET platform. We have better knowledge on how potentially this change might have a good positive effect by encouraging more modders " the real modders, I mean not the opposite of WW maps" to join the CNCNET community by simply adding more flexibility to the game itself. The is a huge base of players who migrated from TS to simply making new mod games based of 99% of TS engine itself. I used maybe 11 years ago to make new maps with the already existing units but my projects were not completely done due to those silly issues. In TS, you could make Starwars like weapons, that's how much content in this game. But I would end up downloading TS mods which fixes those minor flaws. Also if someone from the mod community give us his Cameos that he made in the past which would save us the time and effort. As long as the cameos are logical and consistent to the game, I see no problem in their addition to this rich game.
  10. Could you add the following tracks into the music list: pharotek nod crush maps main manu (both the TS and FS)
  11. Could we have icons ( I mean the icons appearing on the list of buildings on your right side) for the following units and buildings: Oblisek of Darkness Cabal Obelisk Cabal Autobot (the huge robot) cabal core ICBM nod pyramid mammoth tank Nod montauk (maybe I have its name wrong) Gdi Kodiak gdi command center (also needs to be fixed it's currently 1x1 but it's actual size should be 2x3 or 3x2 I think) scrin ship (the huge alien building) hospital civillian armoury cargo truck elite cadre ( it has its icon but only in mission, could you translate that into the multiplayer?) if you are wondering why, this is for the mod maps makers, to allow more variety and flexibility. Also some of the previous buildings need colour tag so that each building assigned to the player colour.
  12. Hi all, why don't we have a pre-game alliance just like in TS or RA?
  13. fakemammy12 is the best TS player of all time. He has the best scout abilities + he knows how to expand into your face with an iron fist. He used to be very active in xwis forums. How is he doing now?
  14. I am not sure if this fix would be simple, but scoring system for TS does not reflect the actual combat points you got from the battle. I give you an example; in a 4 vs 4 game, the winning team always score better than all the losing team. This is not a true reflection of what actually happened during the game. One of the reasons is, when you surrender you lose all your eco. This simple idea might seem silly, true, but its nice sometimes to study the game play and then watch the scores for a minute and for a better understanding of that particular battle. I think there is more to include in the scoring sheet than just three columns. Currently the scoring chart only include kills, lost, money. It really means nothing or shall I say, not helpful at all to analyze the battle. The perfect scoring sheet would be the one which even if you didn't watch the battle during the action, you would still be able to understand and conceptualize what happened in that battle. Other components to add could be number of aircrafts, number of defenses or whatever. Maybe include "timing of tech center" build, would be nice I think. But hey, any meaningful heading that is specifically related to TS game play analysis, can be thrown into the scoring chart. My previous suggestions of which headings are to include may not be really meaningful to a TS game analysis. Pro players might be able to come up with much better headings that might help whoever want to study the scoring sheet with his insight and analysis to that particular battle. Maybe "contribution to scouting" is a good heading to include and to know which player scouted most or least. This is directly related to TS. This is an another area for players who consider improving, heck, you will be able to know better about your style. Oh, don't forget that you are planning to add ladders, so a ladder game with a good scoring sheet would be an awesome feature. So, is this a great idea? or just a waste of time you reckon? Tell me ! :roll: Probably a waste of time lol.
  15. Senior, you're going to march until your feet bleed. :down: :down: I doubt your donkey agrees to leave his wife and kids for months and months just to search for a nameless unknown guy but a great TS player.