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  1. A question for Aro or whoever knows the answer. I am trying to rescale/resize the inf like what Aro did in TS Twisted Insurrection but I am having some difficulties. I am using WILL'S Voxel Editor. An alternate voxel editor (as used by Mig Eater). I didn't get it. what's the different between Resize and Rescale? Which one is used to make units smaller or bigger? Thank you
  2. Thank you for the thorough explanation. Could u add the topic to the main TS forum instead of the sub-forums, please? As this is a useful info for the whole TS community and not only map makers.
  3. To those who wish to add the following tracks [Defense, Nod Crush, Pharotek, Score, Maps, FS Maps, Intro, FS Menu] to the multi-player games, just drop the following two files into the TiberianSun_Online Folder. Now if u wish to remove a track from your list, just add the following below the track you wish to remove: Side=Nod If you later want it back change side to GDI. Theme.ini has the TS music list [with Defense, Nod Crush, Pharotek, Score, Maps and INTRO already included for Multiplayer game] Theme01.ini has the FS music list [with FS Menu and FS Maps already included for Mutiplayer game] theme.ini theme01.ini
  4. Thank you for the topic. I've thoroughly checked out your maps and the new addition to the TS MIX. Great effort is seen with amazing results. These new units are unique and most would easily blend in the TS universe. Some of the new structures are very true to the TS spirits, especially the ion charger. I liked the animation with Mech war factory. The RA2 structures are ideal in term in size and touch. Even the tiberian fly is a nice piece to be included in with other TS creatures but it lacked the color tag. However there is one unit that seems excessively large which you named it ion tank. Harbour battle map is very interesting one and I enjoyed it. Nice explosion animations as well. I noticed that you intended to add tripods sound for undeployment and attack. To make the new sounds work, a file must be dropped in the TiberianSun_Online folder then you go to number 354 and start adding the numbers with the names of the new sounds. Then go down at the bottom of the page and add the brackets with the names inside. The file is called Sound01.INI I couldn't extract with the xcc as it wasn't found. So I had to search online for it. I have attached one with the tripod sounds for you to try if u wish. If you remember Rules.ini in the first days of TS in cncnet was hidden and difficult to find. This Sound01.ini must be hidden somewhere as well. sound01.ini
  5. Hey Actually this applies to most of the CnCnet games (RA, TD, Dune and TS). Also I must tell you, this topic can be toxic for both fans and admins so I will divide it into two dimensions. ===First dimension is the fan based prospective. === These are the challenges: (the negatives) 1. Fans and pros are used to their own play style for years and years.. Many would find that balance topics are threat to their style and so they will resist it. 2. Players may object simply because it is difficult to agree on what to edit or balance. Each player has his own opinion. 3. Arrogance; put it simply like this: who you are to suggest this topic?!. Leave it for the pros!. 4. This argument that says, Nod/Allies/Ordos is only for pros. You don't know how to use them. 5. Also you might find this argument in some fans and admins that keep things as the way they were originally. Keep it classic. (and to be honest is this a very strong one even if you find it not.) However, the other side of the coin, there are some potentials (the positives) 1. Balanced game will draw more players from the new generations. Let me explain this in details; As you know, these games are great, they are free, simple, easy to download and yet good in strategy. Many of the us don't understand this; that the balance is essential to get the younger players (who are used to play advanced and intelligent games). You wont convince a 20 years old to only and exclusively play one side his life to learn how to somewhat compete with other online players. it doesn't make sense. For example, I played dune in CnCnet and was told to not pick Ordos because they are in disadvantage. And they really are, nobody picks Ordos. Although Ordos is my favorite but I simply won't play it online when I want competitive games. Also in TS you there are plenty of units that are unable to fill their designed roles effectively (cyborgs, stealth tanks, bazooka for bridges, tick tanks, wolverine, GDI defenses to some extent and we are not talking about FS units) So nobody is playing FS and guess why... Also a Player coming from new games would of course feel frustrated and disappointed and his existence in CNCnet would be a temporarily one. At least in TS, both GDI and Nod cancel each other erratic balances and you would get a balanced unbalanced game. This is also why u see many people play mod maps which somewhat enable the use of other nod units like cyborgs and tick tanks, whom would have little chance in ww maps. However, in RA, the games are 95% Soviets. I remember one particular game which I started as an ally. a soviet player simply brought his mcv from the start to me and built flame throwers. Although I was a head in time, there is no counter to a flame thrower before war factory. Allies Turret do nothing to flame thrower. So yes, no skill or thinking is needed and I lost the game. I felt unfair but so what. If I want to play RA i just go to other platform and could play as allies competitively. 2. Old players and players who rarely play would be more encouraged to get involved in competitive games and you would see better strategies, creative thinking. To be honest I never watch cncnet RA streams/youtube because they are predictable and repetitive. Yes it is skill to learn RA in cncnet but not type of skills that normal human being want to acquire (ok am exaggerating but just to make my point easier to understand) . While watching dune/TS is much more fun and they have some real weight in strategy. ===The second dimension is from the moderators prospective. This point is complicated and most will never grasp the different aspects of this thing. All I want to say is that admins have their own goals and preferences when they erected this platform. Also they are volunteering their time and most fans simply taking this for granted. This topic has the potential to backlash very negatively to the whole platform. However, it has the potential to positively increase the activity across the forums if fans saw a real discussion with an admin involvement=== -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, I would say that Humble @Humbledid great job in balancing TS, and most ww players already adopted his Terrace map as a true model for competitive games. First I wish I could see similar attempts from other players in other games. Secondly, I wish if the team would consider adding an option for balance ( below Multi-engineer, bridge destroyable, Short game, sams selectable..etc) to be ticked by the host player if he wishes, that can be used in all other maps. You could call it [ ] CnCnet balance Then this would do lesser damage if it was a choice than forcing the balance in the whole platform.
  6. To Chem, It is not simply Democracy vs dictatorship. I personally don’t like that attitude that assumes “just because we played our game in the 90s, We have the final word.” You gotta think about more openly. You still have the mentality of ww days. This mentality of WW days almost killed TS for all new comers at one stage and still an issue. Large chunk of new players are from the new generations. They opened their eyes to the new age games. They are coming from games that are religiously balanced with ranking system that are fair and just. CNCNET is ambitious enough to advertise their games to this kind of population. My point of view is that the ranking system should not be a turn off for new comers ‘the future gamers’.
  7. Just out of curiosity about spectating an 8er games. Is there a possibility for the game to accept more one or two spectators to the games with 8 players? Does the game engine allow that? Thanks
  8. This is not appropriate apology! I am not talking on behalf JSDS, but you don't know how to apologise. Also, the title should changed to "Public Advice to JDSD"!
  9. Very good progress. Good that you thought about adding new plants. The palms look great. And now we having navy in TS for the first time lol. Some buildings look creepy but nevertheless these things are interesting. I currently don't have PC nor laptop! I can't help much, but I will see what I can do the next few weeks. I will pm you if I ever get the chance to help you.
  10. 1 more thing, I couldn't exactly address your problem because you didn't specify from where did you get your game? Is it your original CDs or The ultimate command and conquer collection? Or a download from stream?
  11. Red Alert/ Yuri Not my area. Tiberian Sun: You don't need CD. It's now free ware. EA games gave permission to download Tiberian Sun for free. There are multiple websites that offer Tiberian Sun download but the best for multi-player is CNCNET, and I tell you why. First, they have compatible exes to the different types of OS. Also, there are many online players. Also, you could easily switch from game to game without any fuss. Meaning that all you need is a single click and you immediately transferred from Tiberian Sun room to say Dune 2000 room. It also has a map maker program and a skirmish. There is also a lot of customisation and settings options like changing screen resolution, using microphone and changing teams color. However, the single player download is not that great and may lack some cutscenes and some game settings. I think XWIS and gameplanet have the full single player game, although I would guess that they won't work in windows 10. Nevertheless, you could still try the single player here and check it for yourself. Here are the links: 1. Multi-player links: This is the main download source! https://cncnet.org/tiberian-sun#download I think this is for windows 10 https://downloads.cncnet.org/TiberianSun_Online_Installer.exe If game download is successful but somehow the game has a problem, first try to toy with game settings but if still a failure then patch it: Read here https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2606-tiberian-sun-patches-fix-for-the-windows-8-10-menu-problems-and-more/?page=1 2. Single player link: http://tore29.com/tsins/TSinstaller3-beta11r6.exe + patch it.
  12. Hi Holland. Navy5EAL from moddb.com gave his permission to use his stuff if needed for the Tiberian Sun upgrade. I asked him that we might need to borrow his civilian cars or other stuff, that of course I would credit him for making these units. I felt he made good material for civilian vehicles that looks consistent to Tiberian Sun atmosphere. Not to mention he added some Tiberian dawn units and Improved their look. He has some new cameos as well that looks fine. The first photo is something that might be interesting for civilian stuff, adding more toys for map markers. Also improved looking Tiberian dawn units; the heavy tank and the MLRS. The second photo is an artillery. This one looks good for new mobile artillery unit. The third photo is elite cadre that the cameo looks more nod like. Here is the link for downloading the mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-sun-205 I'm still trying to reach other mod makers and waiting for permission to use their stuff. That's that's for now.
  13. The ladder system is being tested at the moment. Not sure about the clan though. You can request to volunteer for the ladder testing, but I advise against it because it requires patience and privacy. I'm also not sure if the places are full or not but no harm to ask if you are really interested and ready to give your time for the community. As far as to my knowledge, Grant is organising and tweaking it as we speak. Phenomena might know better than me.
  14. Another 4 tracks: Defence Score World Domination Initiate
  15. Holland, thank you for your update. I appreciate your efforts and input in the TS community. Anyway, I have gone through the archive and it appears that there was attempts to get a TS as close as to the beta version of the original TS. As you know, Westwood was rushed to develop the game. Could you have a look on the following links, there are cameos to borrow as well, even for the construction yard. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/251-random-nod-pictures/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/252-random-gdi-screenshots/ Also I forgot to mention the mutants soldiers and the Tiberium creatures as they don't have cameos. Cabal units and structures lack colour tagging, is there a way to fix the colour tags? On side note, some voices are ideal to have for the Tiberium creatures and maybe robots/drones. (If you could extract them from the XCC and re-upload them to make them compatible for voice selection. There are two creature voices, one or two drone voices and also Cabal voices like laughs in the last mission in the mix. Also Cabal threats/talks from videos and pre-mission maps can potentially fit the criteria as well but that's might not be practical or otherwise borrow from RA2 or TD(dinosaurs/ octopus/ drones/ ...etc) !! L0000L
  16. Great stuff. I will come back later day to comment as I lack time right now. The mammoth tank cameo looks really awesome by the way.
  17. Look what I have found in the CNCNET Archive !!!!!! look at the ICBM cameo
  18. All players should be seeing what player you are looking for. I want to see that interesting man you are looking for. It's really important to me!!! Also, you probably typed too quick. If you types and hit enter three times in a swift manner, you get the ban as the bot would think you are spamming.
  19. Assist

    A few questions

    Yes all except for Red alert 2 and euri revenge, mental omelette is free but you need to buy Euri revenge. no virus from this site. Downloaded the thing dozens of times with no problem. Your antivirus might have suspicions about the CNCNET though. q4 and q5 I have no answer.
  20. Question here for hard core modders and comp stomp map makers. Could we potentially add this logic to Tiberium sun, where a carryall would detect harvester movement and carry it to Tiberium field and then back to base. Are there set of triggers we could potentially alter to suit this idea. just wondering.
  21. Assist


    Dear Matt, I am writing to you in response to your topic. You don't have to force your ideas into someone else's. People have free will, you have no obligation or commitment to persuade them. Regards, Assist
  22. Hey, we know that TS support hundreds of color tags. So the possibility of adding more colours to the multiplayer games would be a nice feature that enhance individualisation of the players experience (like what we see in modern RTS, although I don't play them) I now rarely play here either. yes I know that you could modify the colours in the option, but that only affect one player. Also you could fix the green and blue colours as they appear the same colour as Tiberium in Radar map. Pink and purple looks almost alike. Lighter pink and darker purple is much better visually. My suggestion would be make 10 colours available instead of 8 colours. Yes, it's not up to me to decide how the game should improve!!! I am merely trying to enrich the ideas that might be considered for TS or at least keeping the forum alive. On side note, perhaps a moderator might feel it's better to separate this topic into two topics. This is in regards to suggestions or ideas; Yes, Nobody owe me nor I owe someone, but I'd like to hear from developers if they really interested on hearing suggestions from lay people or not. I know some people here thinks that developers are on full time job in the CNCNET and would have really nasty attitude toward the developers. You are not. Perhaps your life is full of responsibilities and clutters of life issues and duties. So it is a good idea to hear what point of view do the developers and moderators have on suggestions. Is there a specific policy you following? It would be nice if this thing is clarified.
  23. Well Holland, of course it's not a straight forward suggestion. This might take hours of hard work for seemingly something that has no direct effect on the game. Also bear in mind our developers are not game oriented but say online platform oriented. If you noticed, they would be concerned with any bug or inconvenience that have an impact on the overall CNCNET. But for such "change", it might imply that this isn't from the original game, i.e. a HERESY. Cameos addition is profoundly odd. A developer will not waste 6 hours or more just to add cameos in expense of other more important issues. It's really up to us to sell this idea to our developers and convince them why we need such a change. Our strength lies in our understanding of the game itself rather than the CNCNET platform. We have better knowledge on how potentially this change might have a good positive effect by encouraging more modders " the real modders, I mean not the opposite of WW maps" to join the CNCNET community by simply adding more flexibility to the game itself. The is a huge base of players who migrated from TS to simply making new mod games based of 99% of TS engine itself. I used maybe 11 years ago to make new maps with the already existing units but my projects were not completely done due to those silly issues. In TS, you could make Starwars like weapons, that's how much content in this game. But I would end up downloading TS mods which fixes those minor flaws. Also if someone from the mod community give us his Cameos that he made in the past which would save us the time and effort. As long as the cameos are logical and consistent to the game, I see no problem in their addition to this rich game.
  24. Could you add the following tracks into the music list: pharotek nod crush maps main manu (both the TS and FS)
  25. Could we have icons ( I mean the icons appearing on the list of buildings on your right side) for the following units and buildings: Oblisek of Darkness Cabal Obelisk Cabal Autobot (the huge robot) cabal core ICBM nod pyramid mammoth tank Nod montauk (maybe I have its name wrong) Gdi Kodiak gdi command center (also needs to be fixed it's currently 1x1 but it's actual size should be 2x3 or 3x2 I think) scrin ship (the huge alien building) hospital civillian armoury cargo truck elite cadre ( it has its icon but only in mission, could you translate that into the multiplayer?) if you are wondering why, this is for the mod maps makers, to allow more variety and flexibility. Also some of the previous buildings need colour tag so that each building assigned to the player colour.
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