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Command and Conquer: New War Mod


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Command & Conquer: New War / Yuri's Revenge: New War is an unofficial expansion for Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge that continues The Third War conflict with new campaigns, new units, new factions, and more. This unofficial expansion is also fix and add balance issues, including bug fixing from the original game. This mod was created by modders from C&C Community and non C&C Community.

Five years after Yuri's Revenge disaster, Allies and Soviets co-operated with Nova Industry and Tech to develop hi-tech military equipments and armaments. After few months co-operated with Nova Industry and Tech, there was a tragedy, Nova Industry and Tech's Primary Research Lab had been destroyed by unknown. Because of that, the Industry blamed Allies and Soviets that caused the destruction. Nova Industry and Tech decided to quit and easily erase it's existance. Allies and Soviets broke their allegiance and declare war again. In the other side, somewhere in Europe, a squad of mercenaries managed to go back in time with the Time Machine before the time distortion (that cause Gen. Carville still alive) and rescue Yuri. But after that, the Time Machine was surrounded by Allied elites and that makes the squad and Yuri himself prisoned in there. With Einstein's agreement, they decided to destroy this remaining Time Machine for once and for all. The story continues.....

This mod use CnCNet Client, so players can do multiplayer to play the mod.

Here are some screenshots of the mod:





Unique Stolen Tech units that can be obtained in the game at the moment are:

Command and Conquer: New War has released their new version (0.43) as you can read more info about this mod here:


There is something that you should know that we are looking for someone wanted to work with us for the mod. We are still open to streamers, mappers, 3D modeller, voice actor, and much more. A single nor double contributions are welcome. For more information write an e-mail to [email protected] . Be one with us...

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