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  1. Was sorted couple of hrs ago server is all good now
  2. www.twitch.tv/ra168uk some reason it wont connect has error every time i try to stream
  3. Yeah thats a nice map dude.Good idea to do the silo fix also.il download the map so people can take a look at it and play it Only thing id say is that ive let people look at it and they think its a cheat map cause of other values that have changed so id suggest changing back the other values back to normal and just having the silo value changed
  4. hi there you cant have two people from one copy of ra 2 you can purchase it via amazon a link for this game is below https://www.amazon.co.uk/Command-Conquer-Red-Alert-PC/dp/B0009J1JIY
  5. RA168UK


    very sad news he was a great fellow mod and had some games with him which were always good. rip zigzag
  6. sorry to hear that your going hifi all the best in your future endeavours you've been a great contributor to cncnet
  7. great idea photon as ive said to you and im willing to support you by hosting clan tournaments as privately discussed.I think this could be what the community needs and im hoping that if we host tournaments more regularly this will have a knock on effect to get more players involved in cncnet games in the future.
  8. RA168UK


    Hello thank you for reporting this problem. A fix is being worked on at present so please be patient as the dev team are working as fast as they can to address this issue Also please see this link https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7624-status-update-network/?tab=comments#comment-58446
  9. The ladder for Yuris revenge is being worked on at minute.Do you want to be a tester for it? If so the admin team need to move you to the tester team so you can then test it out and report any bugs
  10. You could also use fraps or xsplit gamecaster. Xsplit offers a 14 day trial and ive used it very easily but you could with decent fibre conn really using xsplit to make most of it https://www.xsplit.com/#gamecaster also action is very good as well https://mirillis.com/en/products/action.html?
  11. RA168UK

    error update

    Hi, sorry that you having problems with the update. Have you tried reinstalling the whole game from scratch?
  12. RA168UK

    Red Alert 1

    You need the cncnetclient to run it on cncnet which is on this website at https://cncnet.org/red-alert You can download red alert free, its ra2 and ra2yr that you need to pay for. You still need to down load the cncnclient for ra2 and yr but the cncnetclient will search for the game on your hard drive first to verify you have bought the game as it isnt freeware.
  13. RA168UK

    Medal UFF|Gtr

    hi Oldrog could you please tell us which member has lost his medal and i can then sort this out thanks.
  14. cyprus it should be working ok now as i had same problem as you and its now downloading the update. Please try and download update again
  15. Cyprus please upload client.log from your yr game folder please as this will help the dev team to solve this issue thanks.
  16. Hving issues trying to update to latest version of yr screenshot attached client.log
  17. Hi thanks for asking this question.Please make sure that you are running the installer as admin by right clicking on the exe file and then choosing run as administrator.If this doesnt work then please wait for a response from the dev team thanks.
  18. Check your firewall make sure the game isnt being blocked by it
  19. Download ra2 at ea origin.You need to buy the game.
  20. Ok another thing to try is disable ts-ddraw in client options.
  21. Thank you jack im sure an admin will be in touch shortly about it. Please check with your friend that she has got yr through the windows firewall or through any other fw she may been using.Also could your friend send a screenshot of problem if possible? The firewall should have command and conquer yuris revenge as the program to be allowed.
  22. RA168UK

    Remove CnCnet

    i should think there is more to it than that but im sure an admin can be more specific than me dude
  23. hello , could you tell me the username you are using for red alert please and i can check if you are banned.Also could you advise us of the error message you are getting when trying to log in to red alert thanks
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