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  1. hello , could you tell me the username you are using for red alert please and i can check if you are banned.Also could you advise us of the error message you are getting when trying to log in to red alert thanks
  2. Snake has been given medal thanks.
  3. If you are used to a controller then i guess itll be good and please type in english next time thanks. a u Se
  4. Seems like youve been banned from gamesurge servers you need to contact gamesurge.net to get them to remove your ban and go here https://gamesurge.net/utils/gline/ to find out why you have been banned
  5. Looks like a cool mod and nice units! Thanks for sharing this with us
  6. what game are you trying to play on lan please?
  7. please type anything in english please so we can understand request or issue. If you want to download red alert 2 you can get it in this package https://www.origin.com/gbr/en-us/store/command-and-conquer/command-and-conquer-the-ultimate-collection/ultimate-collection
  8. hi hunter id like to volunteer to beta test for you.
  9. i had words with undefeated in private to change his/her name in lobby and il be keeping eye out for any more fake clan tags.Please feel free to contact me when im online if you see one ive missed thanks!
  10. fido has issue loading up latest version of yr.He just gets the kaboom error msg constantly.He running windows vista 32 bit version. client error log as follows http://pastebin.com/raw/09acszaq Edit: log was placed on pastebin.com
  11. Fido has a kaboom error msg come up when trying to run latest version of yr. It wont load at all and refers to this forum if it repeats. Attached is the first part of his client error log. Hope this helps grant btw hes running windows vista 32 bit
  12. thank you for that posting Dutchie. I appreciate you thanking me for my actions last night. It was actually a joint decision between mods on last night and ferret posted the decision but I later decided that you didn't deserve a ban as long as 24 hrs. Hope we can now close this issue now
  13. you are banned for disobeying an admin. The ban is for 24 hrs only.
  14. this has been dealt with as fair as possible dutchie and I have spoken to you about this also.Please respect what ive said to you both and if there is any more behaviour from zizou or you that break the rules then the action will be a lot more severe as ive advised you both
  15. OK ive spoken to zizou and to dutchie about this issue and ive made it clear to them both that they need to ignore each other if there is any more harassment of any kind, plus have told them that we will take action against them if they ignore what I have said to them. Ive advised them both that they need to report any harassment of any kind to an admin online or to the forum, and any admins will take the appropriate action at the time. Please feel free to comment if anyone thinks this is enough to deal with this issue or if you think more needs to be done thanks.