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A new balance: new gameplay


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Hey TS players,

GDI & Nod is very well balanced, bacause when they created it, they had an entire team to work on it. People in business know that it takes a team to be succesfull. So I want to start with a new balance to create. There are some maps out there with mods that are pretty well balanced, but not as good as the original gdi & nod balance. As i scroll through the forum I see people would like a cheaper hijacker, or some would like to have some GDI units builadble on Nod,

whatever it is, name here, what you would love to see and play with!

So we could create a new balance. We can start together with just one balance that you can import in your maps! We can give it a name too. For example lets name the original balance Original_BALANCE,  lets call our first custom balance,  NewTS1_BALANCE. And when we have a lot, I will make a little program that can import on of our balance in any map.

Keep in mind we COULD use some of the new units that we gonna get,  that LKO made for us (click here)

posted imageposted imageposted image

(just to tease you a little bit)

I would love to have 2 or 3 different battle vehicles instead of just the Titan, same for NOD! We could work it out.
We could just keep it close to the original and/or just very slightly mod some original units, that would be a good start for our first balance!

So  lets get creative!! Comment whatever you think is cool and we'll work it out.

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I didnt even think about FS, lets keep that off and disable the units. Anyway,

To start with infanty, nods light infantry are gonna be robots. Slighty stronger, also a nod scout trooper and maybe a stealth one with radar prerequisite. I love discthrowers tho, maybe make a similar weapon but slightly different. Give medics a secondary weapon or extend its range, speed or increase heal power.  edited units will use a different sidebar pic and voxel itself. What u think


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Ah yeah dude. I guess ur right. But im using this goal to create, dont have to reach it.

So you don't wanna participate? I mean just imagine something you would love to play.

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its better then wasting time playing the same shit
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