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Streaming/Recording with GDI Game Renderer


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Sup Bois,


   I'm having trouble streaming/recording Red Alert when I use the GDI Game Renderer option.   

I can only get obs to capture the game when its window mode. 

Does anyone know how to fix this? I'd appreciate some help. <3



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I also had problems getting it working fullscreen GDI.

On windows 10 it only works with OBS Studio, classic has some weird bug where the game is partial out of the screen


(assuming you are using 640x400)

If you want to stream without stretching:

Set your "Base (Canvas) Resolution" via Settings-->Video to 640x400 and use a display capture source



If you want to stretch:

Use a Display capture source, right click->transform->edit transform and modify the size values until you got it fullscreen.

e.g. you play in 640x400 and your "Base (Canvas) Resolution" is set to 1280x800 and your native resolution is 1920x1080:

Transform size: 3840 x 2160



You need multiple scenes this way in case you like to stream. I set up hotkeys to switch between the game scaling display capture and another display capture without scaling for in between the games


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Thank You Funky   you are truly a sAviOr ;) 

I got everything working with 640x480 now except I cant get the StreamKB(Stream Keyboard) to work but that's ok its just to show my keyboard inputs while in game.

Also for the hotkey setup you have for scaling. I couldn't find exactly what you meant in the Obs hotkey settings, but that's not a big deal cause I set up an auto scene switcher which works well enough. 




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