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Nod Recruitment


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      GDI's opression and illegal occupation of innocent nations will not go unpunished.

      We, The Brotherhood, have come to liberate you from the imperialistic claws of GDI.




      Welcome to the Brotherhood of Nod, sometimes referred to as the Ways of Nod

      or the Sha Ae Sheer.  I prefer just The Brotherhood, for that is what we are

      truly striving for; a brotherhood of mankind, where all can live in peace

      and share the struggles of life as one.


      As long as man has had breath The Brotherhood has existed.  For from the be-

      ginning -- when man's struggle was with nature, not knowing where he might

      sleep, how he would eat, or whether he would survive to see the light of dawn

      -- there have always been those who would lord over others.  People who believe

      that they by some unseen right they are granted power over others, and would

      push others down so they might climb, are the greatest threat to mankind's

      existence.  For many years has one man or one race prospered on the sweat and

      work of others.


      Such injustices are not just a sin against mankind, but also a sin against God.

      The Brotherhood had its beginnings with the first downtrodden who looked for a

      better way.  These oppressed sought a path that would allow them to gather

      fruits of life and achieve enough resources and wealth that they and their

      families could survive and advance with the rest of mankind.  Too often have

      these people been crushed beneath the boot of others, their measly gains stripped

      from them.  Throughout history the "overlords," often self-appointed rulers,

      have forcefully taken the resources of those who could not defend themselves.


      Whether we consider the pharaohs of Egypt, the Caesars of Rome, the kings of

      England, or the emperors of China, it was always the blood and sweat of others

      that created their empires.  Today, it is the capitalists of the Western nations

      that are sucking the life out of the rest of the nations of the world.  While

      capitalists barons sit in their mansions, drinking their expensive champagnes,

      the workers of the world continue to die from starvation and disease.  Workers

      are forced to sleep on the ground without shelter in the sweltering summer heat

      and may die from frostbite in the depths of winter, their cries for help never

      heeled by the nation of the Western bloc, whose citizens sleep soundly in their

      beds at night.  The imperialism of these nations is even more insidious than that

      of ancient times.


      When the pharaohs and Caesars ruled the realm, at least one knew one's standing

      at all times.  No pretense was ever made that a man or a race was other than what

      they were.  Slaves were slaves; they knew this and expected that they would be

      treated as such.  They were never seduced into believing that they were free men

      able to achieve what they pleased.  It was never suggested that they might be

      able to do something about their fate and rise above the station into which they

      had been born.  By contrast, the Western nations have created a world of slaves

      without the general populace ever realizing it.  Although the so-called free

      nations claim they are helping to advance the world as a whole, it takes only a

      moment to see through this pretense and realize that the only ones advancing are

      the free nations.


      With their abundance of resources and technology, the free nations have made

      economic slaves of the Third World.  The disadvantaged Third World countries

      have had their resources stripped away, education denied, and technology withheld

      to keep them from threatening the power of the Western bloc.  And the Western

      nations enslave not only the populace of the Third World, but also many of their

      own.  It is not uncommon to find the squalor characteristic of the Third World

      right in the heart of all major cities in the supposedly enlightened nations.

      This lack of caring for one's fellow man, so pervasive in the West, is what causes

      The Brotherhood to flourish. The fact that millions upon millions can reach only

      a poverty-level existence, unable to even feed their own children, is a sin against

      the nations that cannot be ignored.  The Brotherhood has always existed to help

      those in need.  By gathering the resources of our flock and obtaining additional

      material from our enemy in any manner deemed necessary, the Brotherhood continues

      to grow and gain power.


      We have always been here, behind the scenes, the guiding hand.  Empires have fal-

      len by our influence; leaders that could have caused our plans to go awry have

      silently vanished.  The Brotherhood is always in the background, careful to make

      sure others do not notice our activities.  We periodically supply aid to other

      causes to pull attention away from our true goal.  We have slowly and steadily in-

      creased our power, but still were never truly able to confront the forces of evil

      head-on.  For thousands of years we have waited for a sign, something or someone

      that would allow us to mount one last, great Jihad.  That sign has come in the

      form of Tiberium.


      With the unstoppable growth of Tiberium across the Globe, most of it occurring in

      nations friendly to the Brotherhood, our time has come.  The vast wealth and

      resources gained from Tiberium have given us the ability to come into the open and

      challenge our antagonists face to face.  Across the Globe, GDI and Nod forces

      now clash in a titanic struggle that will decide the fate of mankind for all time.

      The GDI hides behind the façade that they are here to help the free nations in

      their struggle against those they would name terrorist.  We in The Brotherhood

      know the truth.  Our fight is for all mankind, not for those cherished few who sit

      behind desks all day, with no greater worry than whatever it will rain and cancel

      their tennis dates.


      Such uncaring attitudes to the peoples of the Earth can be tolerated no longer.

      The Brotherhood will unify this world no matter what the cost.  Our movement has

      always striven to be one of peace, but as we all know, the road toward peace is

      often paved with the blood of those who would prevent peace.  The Brotherhood has

      already taken great strides for global unity.  With our advanced technology in

      Tiberium gathering, we have been able to push GDI forces out of many of the world's

      nations.  The people will follow The Brotherhood -- unfortunately, governments do

      not, and it is the governments that control the armed forces.  These self proclaimed

      governments of the people are using their military forces to keep their populace

      quelled, to such an extent that the people do not rally to The Brotherhood's banner

      for fear of repercussions against them and their families.  We must show the people

      that by entering the fold of The Brotherhood they will be safe and taken care of.

      Their hopes and dreams will be fulfilled only if they place their lives in our care.

      Their needs will be taken care of and their families protected -- all that is re-

      quired is that they give of their finances and labor to The Brotherhood.  With the

      guidance of The Brotherhood helping them along the true path, together we will

      bring the world to a higher state than ever existed before.  We will bring about

      one world, unified, living in peace, and following a single path toward a common

      goal of equality, all held together by the benevolent supervision provided by me,

      Kane.  There are many obstacles blocking my path to this magnificent unity; means

      must be found to surmount these difficulties.


      We now come to the addition of you to my fold.  The EVA operator interface is the

      way of the future: combat being directed by a general safe behind friendly lines,

      but still receiving data of the mission as it occurs.  It would take the demented

      minds of the GDI to come up with a plan like this.  How can a man know fear, feel

      for his comrades, or taste victory in all its sweetness if he sits so far from the

      battle that the only screams he hears are simulated by a machine?

      Be that as it may, the EVA system is the best means available to The Brotherhood to

      ensure our purification of the world.  You have been recruited by The Brotherhood

      because your views closely mirror our own.  Leave behind the dogma of GDI and bring

      the training and education supplied by them to my cause.  We will feed the Tiberium

      fields with the lifeless bodies of GDI, continuing the struggle until no one and

      nothing stands in the way of global unification.  Your expertise is needed in this

      glorious struggle.  You shall give of yourself body and soul in the service of The

      Brotherhood, and in return for your efforts you shall become greater than you ever

      dared imagine.  Know your abilities well, but never be satisfied with what you can

      do today.  Strive to surpass today's feats tomorrow and each day thereafter.  Do

      not fail me, for your failure could mean my failure,  and I will NOT fail. 


      Uplink to your EVA system and lead our forces to splendid victory!



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