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RA1 Strange color


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Hi all,


I still have problems with the inverted colours, I tried http://www.cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=711.0. Which only fixes it partly.

After the fix,

- the intro movie has strange colours,

- after you alt-tabbed the game, the menus have strange colours again. If you go to a new menu or close the current menu, it's OK again...

The rest is OK, but it's still not totally fixed.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit..




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Can't be helped. The DirectX compatibility mode WORKS, but if you go do unintended things (for a fullscreen app) like alt-tabbing out, it's logical that it can mess up again.


Also, I'm pretty sure Pichorra specifically mentioned that it didn't always work on the intro video.

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CAN be helped. It happens on all old games on Windows 7. To fix it you must:

1.run game and minimalize it (alt + tab)

2.KILL PROCESS: explorer.exe

3. alt + tab for maximalize

It ALWAYS help (I playing on Windows 7 too). When u finish playing run explorer.exe proccess again.


Sorry for my bad english but I think you understand it ^^

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I was pleasantly surprised--everything ran well when I installed The First Decade CD. However, I'm experiencing the same problem with the graphics; will try the aforementioned solution and see if it works (and I will mess around with the screen colors in the control panel).


EDIT: I merely changed my screen to 16-bit (and played around with the screen size a bit) and finally found perfect graphics.


Now I have a different problem...must look for appropriate thread.

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