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Installing Red alert 2/Tiberian sun on Windows 10


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Does anyone know how to install Red Alert 2/Yuri's revenge and Tiberian Sun on Windows 10? I try to go through the setup to install but when I click "install" the installation window disappears and nothing happens. Trying to install so I can get on here and play. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

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Red Alert/ Yuri

Not my area.


Tiberian Sun:

You don't need CD. It's now free ware. EA games gave permission to download Tiberian Sun for free. There are multiple websites that offer Tiberian Sun download but the best for multi-player is CNCNET, and I tell you why. First, they have compatible exes to the different types of OS. Also, there are many online players. Also, you could easily switch from game to game without any fuss. Meaning that all you need is a single click and you immediately transferred from Tiberian Sun room to say Dune 2000 room. It also has a map maker program and a skirmish. There is also a lot of customisation and settings options like changing screen resolution, using microphone and changing teams color. However, the single player download is not that great and may lack some cutscenes and some game settings. I think XWIS and gameplanet have the full single player game, although I would guess that they won't work in windows 10. 

Nevertheless, you could still try the single player here and check it for yourself. 


Here are the links:

1. Multi-player links:

This is the main download source!


I think this is for windows 10


If game download is successful but somehow the game has a problem, first try to toy with game settings but if still a failure then patch it:

Read here https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2606-tiberian-sun-patches-fix-for-the-windows-8-10-menu-problems-and-more/?page=1

2. Single player link:


+ patch it.

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1 more thing, I couldn't exactly address your problem because you didn't specify from where did you get your game? Is it your original  CDs or The ultimate command and conquer collection?   Or a download from stream? 

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