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What would you do ?


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Yesterday, thus Friday 8th of October, something bad happened.


In my class something happened. In the first hour of school we where in our own class room, then we moved to a other room for 2 hours. Now I was packing up some stuff a bit late then the others as second last person still in the other room, not the class room. And when I got to our class room I saw my class mates destroying some of the glass our door to our class room had.


The glass was like: http://www.helpwandkunstopsporen.nl/images/user-uploaded/normal/1098-1.jpg

Only no persons on it, and not that impressive. Just color glass, you sure know it from the glass in church or so.


There was already a little piece gone out of the window, and from there they removed the rest without cutting them self. Now you can put your entire hand through the door from that whole.


Then our teacher came opened the door and saw on the ground alot of glass pieces, so she asked who did it. Nobody answers, we say it happened before we got here. Then the teachers goes to get the director.


Who says that if the person or people who know who broke the glasss don't come and tell here before 5PM everyone of the class will have to pay for reparations.


Getting to the point that is bad


Next hour(s) the class mates ask questions, talk most of the time about the so called incident with the window. If the director can make us pay, when we didn't do it, etc...


Then we made 2 teachers belief we got a lesson from. That we are not guilty or some of us are not guilty of doing it. Because they say to here:

You where passing by while we where standing near the door and it was broke already. (something like that, I could not follow everything)


So in short they spoke and spoke to those 2 and they believed it. That we didn't do it. Our entire class, seriously! Told the teachers they didn't saw anything and told them it is a other person or group. While they where all looking or doing it just some time ago with the glass window.


Thus now those 2 teachers take it up for the class and go discuss with the director about it. While we are not Innocent but big time guilty.


4 people broke the glass, and we all did as they hoped. NOT tell the teacher or director they did it.


So my question:


What would you do ?  If you where a class mate there and knew who did it.

Would you go and tell so you don't have to pay for something you didn't do. Or would you pay just because you don't have the energy to say it and prepare for the worst when your class mates find out you betrayed them.

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