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Newbie Question - doubleown all units


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Hi all

first question for me on the forum, I've been playing C&C RA1 a lot at the time (that means 20 years ago - ugh!) and I'm about to do a LAN party with my brother as a throwback. I've been trying to find an answer in the forum for a lot now, pardon me if the question has been already asked:

is there any way to have all units available on a lan game? I mean being able to build both allied and soviet units regardless of the country we're playing.


Thanks a lot all, first of all for this wonderful CnCnet :)


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That's possible, you can mod the game via the files named "spawn.xdp" and "spawnam.xdp" in your game folder. Use notepad to open them

Make sure all of you got the same files, copy them over to their computers once you are done.


I made the mod you are looking for quick, was just a quick "replace all" in notepad++, you can download the AllUnitMod.zip below


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