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ra2/yr Rap!


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so i was moving some of my files from my old pc and im pretty sure i wrote this around 2008ish lol but i figured since its about ra2/yr it would be relevant here.. it made me laugh, enjoy

you got time,you got rhymes, but making them sound fine, aint happenen, you need another design
But id stick to rhyming, cuz you cant play this game, its 5-0 me even when you lame.
You try and win, you got passion, but you dont got skills, so to me your just a fast win
alt engi glitch me you all you want, il still fuc* u up yeah Bit** thats what im on.
i got the skills of the finest, the best Tc in the land.
teh most expensive keyboard, and the best mouse in hand.
the greatest resolution, not to mention i dont lag.
i've know the best bo's and have the best micro anyones ever had.
After seein me play your gonna want trainin, but i wont have time cuz ill have your gf in my bed Stainin.
it feels good to be on top, living life large, so theres no need to roll stop and drop, i got dealt the best cards.
i've perfected my skills over the decades, i made the best bos ever made, you probably nvr got laid.
i mean i could go on forever but ill leave you at this conclusion.
challenge me To this game, you'll only end up losin.

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