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I'm not sure how exactly tiberium states work in C&C1. It seems ti1 is indeed less dense than ti12, but ti12 only actually shows the "TI12" variations of the tiberium SHP files, which does make it rather monotonous.


The growth state is definitely influenced by the cells of tiberium around it though, just like in RA1; even TI12 is never grown to full side at a map border.


I'd say, make sure to vary between the tiberium types TI8 to TI12. In XCC, just like in CCMap, you can find them in the Overlay section.

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into overlay menu.


You just pointed out the problem. There is a handful of different types displayed in random stages, not all of them.


I'm not just talking about the growth stages, but the different overlays. IIRC there's 12 of them, each with 12(?) growth frames. That would make 144 placeable overlays. Yet there's only 12 of them. Unless the engine changes the frame of the Tiberium overlay which it displays depending on the density of the Tiberium field (ignoring what stage you place on a map)? In that case you'd only need 12 placeable overlays, but XCC Editor seems to allow placing only a single type, with its 12 growth stages. CCMap seems to have it the correct way.

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