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Too easy getting kicked for spamming


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It should be more difficult getting kicked for spamming. I mean, someone asked how do you ally and I responded like this:

[10:14] <{H8}Bjrn> joe
[10:14] marauder70 has joined the channel ([email protected])
[10:14] cry has quit the server
[10:14] <{H8}Bjrn> !chat
[10:14] mmm has quit the server
[10:14] lcome has quit the server
[10:14] <Stridervi> hey sergey
[10:14] <{H8}Bjrn> !ally
[10:14] CnCNet5_Bot kicked {H8}Bjrn ({H8}Bjrn: Please stop spamming! You have been banned for 5minutes...)

Also not so far ago, the bot kicked me for looking for 3 players with !seen. Maybe it should be less strict?


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