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Program AI to continuously attack? (Map Editor)


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On the map editor, how would I program the AI to produce endless units and continuously attack?  I shorten the values of attackinterval and attackdelay by a lot but the AI produces the Units and only guards around the base.  It doesn't send the units to attack the opponent. What would I have to add/change in the trigger/teamtypes/text to get the AI units to constantly attack the opponent?



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Maybe the path from his base to your base to too complicated. But usually it should work if your script is like: 1. patrol to waypoint (outside base) 2. attack...

Check the box of "prebuild team members..." and "only autocreate AI..." for your teams.

Best way in RA1 is creating teams by hand:

- existence: constantly

- event: elapsed time - 25

- action: create team .... attack1


If its not working, there are two more options to force the enemy to attack:

1. set AI to 5. in singleplayer, sadly he will build both allied and soviet tanks


2. make a trigger:

- existence: constantly

- event: elapsed time - 5

- action: all to hunt - enemy house

everything will attack, also preplaced units

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