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What do you appreciate the most about game design / balance?


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Is there something you felt is outstanding in the game design and you appreciate as beautiful design?

Is there something which is finely toned about the game balance?


Let me start first: for game design, apart from the amazing starting scene, I quite liked the voice responses for most soviet tanks. It kind of showed how they feel their power (esp apocalypse)



As for game balance, I liked the tankiness of miners the most. I played kknd2 before when I was kid, and it was really sad how oil trucks could get killed so easily. It was basically the go always, becuz everyone can only have maximum of 3 oil truck (more would be way too much), and they only needed about 4 hits from tanks. It almost felt that EA learned from that flow in design. What I like most about ore miners in ra2 is that can withstand a nuclear missile. I was shocked when I learned that, lol. Non-the less, it was probably the best balance approach so that they withstand hit n runs. Adding to that, that miners regenerate hp and that there is a repair facility, it was pretty good balance imo.




As for power plants, hmmm, what is the area of tesla reactor compared to the allied power plant? If tesla reactor had 3/4 area of the APP, it would have been cool design as well. 3/4 price, 3/4 time, 3/4 generated power, and 3/4 space used lol. But i cant check that now atm :|

And what about the space used by nuc. Reactor? 

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