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  1. it works for me. Here is my INI: Sight=9 Speed=6 Owner=Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs RequiredHouses=Confederation,British,Arabs,YuriCountry AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no
  2. Attack move does not work for some units. IIRC air units cannot attack move.
  3. choose the furthest starting location.
  4. Well they seem bad vs terror drones. I would make some vs apocalypse tanks though
  5. Hello, I noticed some weird things about game balance that there is no obvious explanation for: Flak Trooper Elite Anti Air weapon is weaker than regular weapon. (goes down from 20 to 16 damage)? Flak Track Anti Air range is reduced when elite from 10 to 8. Similar seems to happen with sea scorpion, from 12 range down to 10 when Elite? It might be do to sea scorpion sharing the primary weapon with flak canon, but why would flak track range be reduced? V3 launchers (and probably dreadnoughts too): Veterancy upgrade does not seem to increase damage nor attack rate. It might be due to the rocket being another spawned unit. At least maybe veteran unit should have self heal to compensate for this? Ofcourse the well known bugs of elite legionnaire not being able to attack behind walls, while regular ones can XD Did you notice anything else? I would consider all of these bugs
  6. why don't you play vs AI? the game runs smoother. I cant stand the lag online anyway.
  7. Hello Mr. Random Question. I have uploaded my map. I hope it fits your criteria and you like it xD https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/11644-closecombat-1-vs-7-version/ zclosecombat035.yrm
  8. Hello all, I made this map originally for close combat where players are too close to each other, but I ended up only playing it as 1 vs 7 You start with all conyards and most buildings are pre-built except cloning vats. I posted this for @randomquestion85 I hope you like it ^_^ all starting locations are close to each other except location 1: pretty defensive and on the side of the map. Map also contains water. All bases are reachable from naval side. zclosecombat035.yrm
  9. it is there on the internet, no need to extract a thing. You can easily find it. I myself have modified mine to make Iraq, Britain and YuriCountry to produce all special units. so, for Black eagle, it would be RequiredHouses=Alliance,British,Arabs,YuriCountry and did the same for all other special units. Now, if you also want to start with all 3 MCV's then thats another story. the easiest way is to do it for each map you want to play I think. Here is my INI if you want it, but it contains other changes too (very small balance tweaks done by Tak3600 and I added a little more on top of it. RulesMD.ini
  10. why dont you modify the INI to swap the images of ore and gem, and then also double the value of ore. that will replace all ore to gem. it might take time but its a work around. what do you think?
  11. Thanks mate I was looking for this exact info. Also, the second, why does one team have machine shop while the other one has nothing?
  12. Here is one more test. Industrial plant cost reduction only takes effect after the building is placed. the reduction is not dynamic: once you start training a tank, the cost will not be reducing even if you place the industrial plant. Moreover, if you started training WarMiner for 1400, then placed Industrial Plant, then canceled the miner, you will only be refunded for 1050 gold. This means that it is best to either cancel all tanks before placing the industrial plant.
  13. I wish the soviets sent an escorting squad with the V3 Launch attacks. The escort squad would only defend v3 launchers and never engage with towers, just like there is defense group for MCV and for Dreadnoughts. you can do that very simply by changning one line of the INI file. the line is time per cost.
  14. Hello, I have finished this mission. Here is my review: the map is vast, but clunky. the base has too much trees (inteded I know). I wish it was easy to go to the lower floor for faster ore mining but thats ok. I could only go down from the left side due to the angle. the water is too far and too tight. one of my subs got stuck. the AI attacks are not strong at all. I only need 2 apoc tanks to intercept the way; they dont even need to be promoted to stop all attacks. the attacks are usually just 4-5 grizzly tanks. very easy. the paradrap is easily stopped with 2 flaks. all I did was make 6 apoc tanks+ 20 V3 launchers and game was in the bag. when I have naval, AI storm it sometimes. otherwise he will always storm war factory. I slowly marched into their territory and captured all their buildings. When I captured their warfactory, AI stormed it instantly, I couldnt even make a hellecopter xD anyway, AI rebuilt that war factory and I captured it again, gaining acess to spy satelite. I did not need anything else. No Iron Curtain, no Nuclear silo. I was expecting map to expand from the buttom so I did not capture weather control device until the very end of the game. it turns out map did not expand. Edit: I forgot to say I played this on easy because I lost so many times in wolves of the winter 😠 I guess I must try this on hard.
  15. what about mass prism tanks? for me I never do campaign with prism tanks too cuz they are too OP. (in my Rules.ini I reduce their damage to 25/10 and 40/25 when elite) instead, I invade and with destroyers and aircraft carriers xD Edit: good thing you made each map alone, so feedback and discussion about that map will stay there on the same map.
  16. guys I found 2 CoolDown for v3 launcher and for dreadnought what is the other one used for? one defined in the weapons and the other one is defined in the unit itself (spawned unit reload time) let me send them here ;Soviet Dreadnought [DRED] UIName=Name:DRED Name=Dreadnought Prerequisite=NAYARD,NATECH Primary=DredLauncher CanPassiveAquire=no ; Won't try to pick up own targets Spawns=DMISL SpawnsNumber=2 SpawnRegenRate=80 SpawnReloadRate=0 ; missile spawn don't come back --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; V3 Rocket launcher, or Chu-chu Rocket [V3] UIName=Name:V3 Name=V3 Launcher ;locked Category=AFV Prerequisite=NAWEAP,NARADR Primary=V3Launcher CanPassiveAquire=no ; Won't try to pick up own targets Spawns=V3ROCKET SpawnsNumber=1 SpawnRegenRate=400 SpawnReloadRate=0 ; missile spawn don't come back /////////////***************on the other hand, if we check missiles******************///////////////////// ; Dreadnought missile [DredLauncher] Damage=50 ROF=50 Burst=2 Range=25 ;Range=-2 MinimumRange=6; the missiles need time to align -------------------------------------------------------- ; V3's rangefinder virtual weapon [V3Launcher] Damage=2 ROF=150 Range=18 MinimumRange=5 -------------------------------------------------------- my guess we should go for the unit one not the weapon one right?
  17. Hello, Can you change the title to (soviet mission)? from screen shots and description this seems like a soviet mission, not allied.
  18. Hello Mr. Concolor1, I have been looking for custom campaigns for a while, since I have already finished the engineer campaign. I guess I have come to the correct place btw, no need to make allied missions. The Soviet Is Supreme. allied missions are usually too easy with rocketeers or harriers or ACC
  19. Hello, Now I decided to revisit the ore mechanics. How does ore exactly grow? and How are the rules.ini parameters affect it exactly? I think it is good idea to compare it with ore refianery (oil derrick). oild derrick gives in one hour about 10875 >>> meaning it gives in one second about 3 gold per second, or 20$ per 6.62 seconds (game-time for each cycle) Tg has also demonstrated before that 1 ore miner ≈ 4 oil derricks. so then if you know how much ore is coming, you will know how many miners should come and take. Here is what might catch our interest GrowthRate=1 [Riparius] Name=Tiberium Riparius Color=NeonGreen Image=1 Power=0 Value=25 Growth=2200 Spread=2200 GrowthPercentage=.06 SpreadPercentage=.06 [TIBTRE01] Name=Tiberium Tree Immune=yes IsAnimated=yes RadarColor=192,192,0 LightRedTint=0.01 AnimationRate=3 LightBlueTint=0.01 LightGreenTint=1.5 LightIntensity=0.01 SpawnsTiberium=yes LightVisibility=4000 AnimationProbability=.003 [TIBTRE02] Name=Tiberium Tree Immune=yes IsAnimated=yes RadarColor=192,192,0 LightRedTint=0.01 AnimationRate=3 LightBlueTint=0.01 LightGreenTint=1.5 LightIntensity=0.01 SpawnsTiberium=yes LightVisibility=4000 AnimationProbability=.003 [TIBTRE03] Name=Tiberium Tree Immune=yes IsAnimated=yes RadarColor=192,192,0 LightRedTint=0.01 AnimationRate=3 LightBlueTint=0.01 LightGreenTint=1.5 LightIntensity=0.01 SpawnsTiberium=yes LightVisibility=4000 AnimationProbability=.003 I will be posting findings in this post. Edit: First finding: ore itself grows even in the absence of ore mine. However, it is only grows if there is ore already. I guess it might be related to the first code line GrowthRate=1 in the general rules (but even when I made it 0 still grow). even [Riparius] growthPercentage=0.00 and ore still grows. weird. Maybe I should use another number? Experiment 1: empty test map with 11075 gold If I sweep it right away > 12375 after 1 hour = 42100 after 4 hours = 117275 after 10 hours = 251725 now is the time to test the ore mines themselves with 0 ores on the map
  20. guys, it seems to me that if AI starts with multiple MCV, he does not build shipyard. does that happen to you as well? Edit: changing % might have un-intended consequences. Below are lines from RulesMD.ini ; NOTE: (Double Note, a float math bug caused 2% to be used when 1% broke down. Fixing the bug is why I made 2%) ; A 0% means no force fire, no retaliate, no passive aquire ; A 1% means no retaliate, no passive aquire ; A 2% means no passive aquire that is good. sometimes MCV get stuck though. hmmm, currently, if I hit one tank, that one tank retaliate. other tanks continue walking. If I have GI and GGI guarding base entrace, AI still come into them with prism tanks it seems. I might add some more later today.
  21. How long I must survive? I stayed until 45 minutes timer and still did not win anyway, Here is my full review for all the campaign: very good and tricky. I got stuck vs 4 pill boxes (after I rescued the cows). I could not win even on easy very difficult but very enjoyable too. the player must strategically advance as soon as possible, otherwise he will be overwhelmed with so many attacks. the Mirage tanks are so annoying xD Note: flak Troopers are good in this mission because harriers cannot kill them. Very easy mission compared to all the others. the ally always attacks. some V3 launcher and you're all set After I fix the bridge, the enemy attacks with too many elite prism tanks. I had to must enough forces. I left my 2 miners mine for 5 hours + 2 oil derricks (gathered 900,000 gold). The mission took me 6:57 hours over all xD I bought endless Rhinos and endless subs and about 40 dreadnoughts. the mission isn't that hard tbh 😛 Here is screenshot of my endless armies https://imgur.com/gallery/xF7rJIk cant win even after 45 minutes timer what is the win condition here? Edit: nvm there is one mirage tank hiding and never attacked me. Now I won.
  22. You will have to nerf battle fortress, prism tanks, rocketeers, harriers, and remove spies before you buff Allies early game. Grizzlies+ 1spy beat Rhinos IIRC. This game is more about nostalgia than about balance. If we are talking about balance, there probably are many flows. allies too strong late game and soviets are a bit too strong early game. Balance, to me, that both factions should have options and do something both early and late game. ?????????????????????? You can compare anything you want. You can compare Rhinos vs apoc. You can compare infantries vs tanks.
  23. I like rich maps :3 the corner have gems. How do you get there? it seems that bottom right corner can go there through MCV expansions, while others cannot.
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