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Broadcasting Red Alert 2 Show Matches


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I'm Red Alert 2 Streamer from russian comunity. 

For now, we have an interesting trend. We organise show matches between players. These players have to be close to each other in skill level, so their fight has to be interesting for watching.  They decide, if they will play series until 5 victories, or until 10, and I stream and comment their matches on Youtube. 

Until now, I did my commenting in russian, and conquered reputation of very good streamer and commentator of Red Alert 2. 

As for now, I want to expand my public, and make streams not only for russians, but always for english speaking people, and try to comment battles in english.

I want to know, if you interested in such show, and do you want to take part in it?

If you already have a challenger, with wich one you want to play bo9 series, or series until 10 victories, leave your feedback here. Also mention, if you want to be streamed in english, or you can play for russian public, and be commentated in russian (most people in CIS dont know english).

We use CnCnet (RA2 mode on) to play organised show matches.

Here are the recordings of previous broadcasts (in russian), you may check them out, evin though you will not understand my speech :)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rzQdkXMpig   -  Zhasulan vs Lud0wig (up to 10 victories)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3whzW0mChk - Decks  vs LittlDot (up to 10 victories)

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