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  1. @RaVaGe @Lud0wig Guys, thank you for the good job. You've done very well fixing this bug. I wish your efforts about bringing balance in the game will not pass in a vain, and upcoming tournament will get more attention to your project, bring more fans, testers, and motivate you not to quit your project, but develop it further, until the game will be fully balanced and playable on competitive scene. If you will need any help, feel free to tell me, and I'll do my best to provide it for you. Also, I invite you both on my tournament, that will start tomorrow 17:00 Moscow time. Evin though you are not russian speaking players, me and alexeyk will do our best, to provide you support, answer all necessary questions about the tournament, so you could feel yourself confident, without understanding my native language. Goodluck to you guys
  2. What about the current version, can you fix it until 14th of September?
  3. @RaVaGe Can you fix it somehow? Friend from CIS community says, that to fix this issue, you have to:
  4. Hello guys, I decided to organise the tournament, link here But I'm having a trouble. As a new rule for the tournament, I decided to allow using only "Balanced version" of Yuri fraction. It seems to be a good idea, to motivate players to test balanced version of Yuri, so people could see, if its good or bad, and promote this patch. Unfortenately, while testing this balanced version, participants of the future tournament found an issue. MCV's are getting destroyes by a single launch of Dreadnought or Boomer Submarine. I'm not joking, 1 single launch is enough to turn it into trash. That seems rediculos, because it changes gameplay so much. Battles on Tournament B will end up building of a Dreadnoughts from both players. I'm asking you to answer, is it just a mistake of creator of the patch, or is he really serious about that? I thought that patch only contains Yuri characteristics changes, but now it seems, like not only... If it is the mistake, can you fix that until 14th of September, or I will have to change rules, and balanced version of the Yuri fraction will not be allowed to use any more. It would be very unfortenate for me, to refuse from idea, of allowing the use of "Balanced Yuri". My tournament could become of a good promotion campaign for this balance patch.
  5. Our participants keep adding new maps. Hurry to add yours, this ability would be not acceptable since 9th of September. 1) Dry Heat (Gamzat) 2) Dune Patrol (Gamzat) 3) Offence Deffence (Gamzat) 4) Heck Freeze LE2 (AlexeyK) 5) Caverns of Siberia (AlexeyK) 6) Coldest Peak (AlexeyK) 7) Pinch Points (Rudiy) Tour of Egypt (Rudiy) 9) Stormy Weather (ArtVandelay) 10) City Under Siege (ArtVandelay) 11) Snow Valley (ArtVandelay) 12) South Pasific (Rocky) 13) Tsunami (Rocky) 14) Sunstroke (Rocky)
  6. Map pool updated, now it consists of: 1) Dry Heat (Gamzat) 2) Dune Patrol (Gamzat) 3) Offence Deffence (Gamzat) 4) Heck Freeze LE2 (AlexeyK) 5) Caverns of Siberia (AlexeyK) 6) Coldest Peak (AlexeyK) 7) Pinch Points (Rudiy) Tour of Egypt (Rudiy)
  7. New update to the rules: point 7. Its according reglamentarion on games in super finals. In previous tournaments, we ran Full double Elimination system, what means, that players who made it into the finals from top brackets, had huge advantage. He had to win only one bo7 series, to become a winner of a tournament. At the same time, player who made it from loser's brackets, had to win 2 bo7 series in a row (look through the description of "Full Double Elimination tournament system"). This time, the person who comes from bottom brackets, will start the first series with 2 points advantage, what means, that he has to get only 2 wins (instead of 4), to reset the brackets, and start new final bo7 series, with the starting score 0:0. It increases the possibility of brackets reset.
  8. Update: +3 maps added. Now mappool consists of: 1) Dry Heat 2) Dune Patrol 3) Offence Deffence 4) Heck Freeze LE2 5) Caverns of Siberia 6) Coldest Peak
  9. Hi! I'm anouncing a new tournament, it will take place on 14.09.2019. Where: CncnetOrganizator / Streamer: Win4esterD (the tourney will be on his birthday)Prize pool: $20 (atm)Referee: Win4esterDTourney page:https://goodgame.ru/cup/9007/System: Full double elimination. All matches are bo5 (until 3 victories) except Final and Grandfinal. FInal and Grandfinal are bo7 (until 4 victories)Rules: see details on tourney pageYuri fraction: IS Allowed in its Balanced version Tourny tunes: Map pool 1. Any player who plays in the tournament can pick 3 maps that will be added to map pool. 2. Map should be from "Battle" or "Tournament" modes, also allowed maps, included in current CnCNet ladder QM mode.3. Player should notify about his/her choice as soon as possible (please post your nickname on GG.ru and 3 maps in this thread) 4. The organizator reserves the right to add some maps to the map pool if he thinks that we have not enough maps. Maps that nominated: 1) Dry Heat (Gamzat) 2) Dune Patrol (Gamzat) 3) Offence Deffence (Gamzat) 4) Heck Freeze LE2 (AlexeyK) 5) Caverns of Siberia (AlexeyK) 6) Coldest Peak (AlexeyK) 7) Pinch Points (Rudiy) Tour of Egypt (Rudiy) 9) Stormy Weather (ArtVandelay) 10) City Under Siege (ArtVandelay) 11) Snow Valley (ArtVandelay) 12) South Pasific (Rocky) 13) Tsunami (Rocky) 14) Sunstroke (Rocky) 15) Golden State Valley (Vitality) 16) Divide Freezes Over (Vitality) 17) Tiger Bay Night (Vitality) 18) Face Down ([kz]Zhasulan) 19) Blood Feud ([kz]Zhasulan) 20) Dune Patrol ([kz]Zhasulan) 21) Country Swing (Win4ester) 22) Divide and Conquer (Win4ester) 23) Path More Traveled By (Win4ester) 24) River Rampage (Smoke888) 25) Defcon (Smoke888) 26) Tournament A (Smoke888) 27) Tournament B (Rudiy) 1. How to registerer (English) and F.A.Q: https://vk.com/topic-32103072_390307862. Past tourneys: - 6 Jan 2018 - https://goodgame.ru/cup/6328/ (overall prize pool - $150-$200) - 3 March 2018 - https://goodgame.ru/cup/6459/ (overall prize pool - $400-$450) 3. How to donate to the prize pool? https://vk.com/topic-32103072_39030786?post=383Note: -10% GG.ru fee, -10% organizator's fee. It's default behaviour for tourney module for GG.ru tourney platform.If you have any questions about the tourney please post a comment in this thread.DISCLAIMER: Rules, settings and date of the tourney can be updated by the organizator. Please follow the tourney page. Any major changes will be posted here with some delay. 1. All games will be played one by one on the stream so it takes time to proceed. Usually (we've already done 2 tourneys this year) a tourney takes about 2 days (~6 -7 hours each day). So players should discuss with the referee /streamer the approximate time when their games will be played because if player doesn't respond for a long time, it's considered as a lose.2. Prize pool. Anyone can donate money on this tourney. I will explain how to do it soon. Please note that if you donate $100, $80 goes to the prize pool. 10% is taken by GG.ru, 10% is an organizator's bonus. It's default behaviour for tourney module for GG.ru tourney platform.3. More skilled players are participated in the tourney - more prize pool. I will increase the prize pool if we have more good players.4. Withdraw money. Will explain soon how to do it and help with it if needed.Basic rules 1) The first map of the series is sellected my refery (streamer), all other maps are sellected by the player, that lost previous game (loserpick). It means, that if you won the game on the map, your opponent sellects the next one, if you lost, you sellect. 2) The tournament is running with the live stream on Youtube, Twitch, etc. All games must be streamed. Tournament is using "Full double elimination system", what means that is the player has lost one series, he is not out of the tournament, and moves to the bottom brackets, from where he still can make it to the finals and win. Don't give up too early. 3) Listening to the stream during the game is prohibited. If it becomes known, that player is recieving information from stream, he gets baned. (Not really actual for non russian speaking players, but take it into account). 3.1) Alting is prohibited, and considered as a bug. However, alting against France is allowed. 4) Good quality of internet connection is required. The one causing ban can get penalty as a los of the game 5) Yuri fraction is allowed only in its balanced (nerfed) version..
  10. Thanks for the good job with working on balance, maybe in feauture tournaments I'll allow the nerfed Yuri to be choosen as a fraction to play.
  11. Still didnt try it, but nerfing Yuri is a great idea!
  12. They spam either nonsence, or insults in russian language. After such attitude, no fame for them. 😉
  13. Hello! Is that any way to block person from spaming in PM? This option very needed, especially when someone decide's to become famous and start's spaming in PM during the stream.
  14. Congratulations to the winners! Despite my illness, that I had during the week, and didnt fully recovered from it until the time of tournament, I really enjoyed watching, streaming, and commentating tournament battles. All games where very good, but I have to mention the battle between ZAIN and JEEN on "The Path More Traveled By", where JEEN had taken all the middle, covering it by his Grand Canons. Many viewers decided, that he got victory, but ZAIN didnt give up, and continued fighting until the end. Leave your responses about the tournament here. This is my firs tournament, where I had four not russian speaking players, so, would be interesting to get some feedback.
  15. Alexey mean, that I decided to change rules, and allow participants to nominate maps. Every participant, who registered on the tournament before 10-th of September, has a rule to nominate 2 maps in map pool from himself. Maps has to be not more then for 6 players (big maps are not allowed), and has to be official, from "Battle" or "Tournament" mode. Also, you can nominate maps from "Standart", if these maps are included in current ladder, for example, "The Path More Traveled by". Organiser (me) still has a rule to nominate more maps, if current map pool wouldnt be enough. Maps that were already Nominated by participants: 1) Caverns of Sibeiria, 2) [Pro] Stardusk 3) Divide and Conquer, 4) The Path More Traveled By 5) New Heighth 6) May Day 7)Dune Patrol 8] Pro (Dune Patrol 2) 9)Hail Mary 10) Face Down As you can guess, map pool is not complete, more players coming, more maps nominating.
  16. I also thought like that😁 Will be added in one min.
  17. Not really. This is a huge difference between QM and 1v1 tournament. 1) QM is full of Yuri fags, at the same time, Yuri is not allowed in tournament. 2) Prize money involve some more excitement, then just jumping through the ladder. 3) All games are on the stream, with commentaries and viewers. That allows players to feel themselves as a part of the show, with their fans and haters. 4) How ladder can be taken serious in 2018 any way? On the tournament, participants have motivation to win, because they achieve some prize money, fan base, become famous in RA2 audience. On the ladder, they achieve nothing, just fun games (and not so fun, when you face Yuri fag, lol). What maps, do you think, has to be added, as "Allied favour maps"?
  18. What do you think, if ZigZag's family, or someone close to him, will open account for donations, on which people from internet could donate some for funerals? Talking will not get him back to live, but those who really pity, can donate a few dollars for his last ride.
  19. Ziggy, listen to Chandler, he is telling the things, that, seems like, you not capable to understand by yourself. Also, why still ofended on me for kicking from the tourament? I put you back to the brackets, evin after you started to flame me aggresively, other guy could just flame you back without evin thinking of understanding your situation... What else do u need to stop crying, my appologises?
  20. Offended girl tryna troll me, but cant hide tears in her eyes Player that twice left series, letting down me and viewers, calling himself "most active player". Seems like you've been totally raised by woman, because you not friend of logic. If you ask me, the most active participants were Matt and Max, true champions.
  21. Hello! As many people here know, I stream RA2 YR, sometimes playing by myself, sometimes, organising show matches and tournaments. On my account, I have two tournaments, successfuly held by me, with streaming and commentating. Now, I have an idea, to try making tournament for english speaking audience (commenting in english ofcourse). Brief rules of the tournament: Game tunes: Like with russian variant, it would be runing live broadcast of games. At first step, I build tournament brackets, and then streaming people's games. Tournament system - Double elimination Matches - best of 5 (until 3 victories). Tournament has to start in appointed Saturday, in 17:00 Moscow time. Stream would be runing for 6 hours. In previous tournament it wasnt enough, so, second part of the tournament, with final games has to be on the next day (Sunday). However, I had bad experience with not russian speaking audience, while runing 2v2 tournament. Some people used to appoint time, and not show up. Some people had to be rushed, to play their tournament games. Also, a separate attention deserve's history about ZAIN and Legolas. ZAIN PM-ed me, asking to find him and Blazer a worthy opponent. I've taken them into the tournament, and guess what? They started to loose series, one of them started to cry, and said that they are not gonna play. GREAT!!! i should never launch the stream, to see shit like that, its not worthy of my attention, or attention of the viewers. Another situation with GunMan, who interrupted his series twice, telling that he has to go. As I remember, it was when score was about 4:3 or 4:4. So, next time i have to launch the stream to broadcast 1-2 games? Fuck you, technical lose with no mercy. I have to make it clear, that after such bad experience, I have doubts about helding tournament for not russian speaking, but for some reasons, I have a wish to try it. So, I want to deal with reliable players, who will not cry after loses, play their series until the end, not wasting time by not showing up when their turn to play come. Its ok when you warn me beforehand, that you cant play right now, and asking to wait 5-10 minutes, or to get another pair playing, to win time for you. Also, its NOT ok, when you dissapearing, and nobody knows, do we have to wait for you, or to give tech lose without wasting time on you. Ok, bad part of the topic comes to an end. For those who are interested in playing tournament, I have questions: 1) Your game Nickname: 2) Would you be able to be online for 6 hours in every day of a tournament? 3) Do you agree with starting time, or do you want to switch it? (Tell your preferred time, hopefully using Moscow timezone).
  22. Its not XWIS, forget about this. This is server for people, where admins listen to people's opinion, and can do something to improve game and activity. Maybe I'm noob, but most players on CnCNet play much worse. And I'm letting staff know, that most of the public would be glad to ban Yuri, and they have to listen to me, or they will find out, that people quit and ladder dieing.
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