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Bug about white MCV


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Hello everybody i m new here
I wanted to ask if the next problem will be general or its only on my game

When i m playing  against an enemy and i could mind control his MCV with Yuri before deploying it, after when the player is defeated and i also kill the Yuri who is minding control the MCV, it becomes white (means no owner) and it tries to deploy and then i get an error and the game stops.

Someone could try this plz?


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This is a game bug. In some mods MCVs are done as mind control resistant for this reason.




An AI-controlled House which, due to rules(md).ini configuration, is unable to construct a base, received a Construction Yard thus triggering the AI base planning routine. Triggered by the following events:

  • If a player's MCV was mind-controlled by an enemy, that player is killed, and the MCV is then released from mind-control to the neutral side. The only workaround is to make MCVs immune to mind-control (this is done in the UMP).
  • A neutral Engineer (there's an official multiplayer map that has neutral Psychic Sensors which, on rare occasions, can leave an Engineer as a survivor) captures a Construction Yard.

More detail: The AI base planning logic kicks in at the moment a player receives a Construction Yard and generates a plan of what buildings to build, in what order. However, the game makes an assumption that any country that can actually start base construction will be able to build at least 3 different BuildingTypes. When that assumption fails (a Construction Yard is received by the civilian house, who cannot build anything), everything goes haywire. For more info on how base planning logic works, refer to the AI Base Planning System article.
Interestingly, the civilian house acquiring a Construction Yard via relinquished mind-control (in the same way as for an MCV) does not cause an IE. Clearly this effect was not taken into consideration when mind-control was added to the engine and the AI base planning routine is only called when a Construction Yard is captured or is first created.



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