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Cheats to help me edit maps

Lightning Hunter

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Are there any cheats offline in Red Alert at all?  More importantly, is there a way to make the whole map "explored"?  I am currently going through and verifying there are no problems with the new tilesets in my "Mega Compilation", but it is no easy task if I have to manually play each map to do so. I need a way to cheat in order to see these maps in-game quicker.

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On 11/22/2017 at 12:52 PM, Lightning Hunter said:

I thought of that, but it means I would have to edit every single map in raed just to see it in-game. When I am dealing with hundreds of maps, that would take a very long time.  It would be really handy if there was a way to hack the game so all the maps were explored.

Hi Lightning, sorry to effectively stalk you on here but a fairly simple way of fixing this issue would be to adjust the rifle soldier's 'sight' in rules.ini to the maximum size of a map (500 would probably do). This way, they'll simply see through all the shroud for the entire map, thus making it explored. You may need to adjust a few units to ensure you always have this ability, as not all maps may start with a rifle soldier but you could adjust on the go if need be.

Hopefully I am not too late and you didn't have to go through every single mission adding a reveal trigger.

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