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New Language pack do not work!


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This topic is for nyerguds, but fell free to reply.


Well, how you know, i'm making a portuguese language pack for C&C95, but those things are simple not working


1° look at the first image: Where is the repair, sell, map, the Ready icon (Pronto) why the icons are in english and where is õ???? i only see a ö in Opçöes.


2° XCC Mix editor stopped creating mix! look at the 2° image.


The langpack is attached.


HELP! THIS STARTED A PISS ME OFF!  :ranting: :mad:




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Right... you didn't follow some of the examples very well.


-Pips/Repair/Sell: do NOT add the "h" in front of it in the ini file. The engine does that itself. It's something I can't easily change. So if your file is "hpipspbr.shp", just put "SHPPips=pipspbr.shp" and it's fixed. I did specifically mention that in the guide though.

-icons: you didn't SET an icon override in the ini. You need the MIXIcnh= tag. Your ini is missing it.


Not sure why the font doesn't work though... but I'm looking into it.


And... not a clue why your xcc editor is screwing up O_o




You never told me the font DOES works on the main menu. The obvious conclusion is simply that the ingame top bar uses a DIFFERENT font. It must be 12grngrd.fnt.


I've contacted Siberian_GRemlin and asked him if he could release a working version of his font editor. Up to this point, I've had to rely on MrFlibble to do all font changes for me, based on screenshots I made in the demo editor. But that's getting really tedious...

(the demo editor can't save files)


Note that editing this font might also be the key to removing the fade in the DOS mod ;)

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about the main menu õ: Yeah, i should posted it, but i forget  :S


about the XCC: idk what happened, i reinstalled and that bug still happens, so i've created the mix files with Mix Manager for DOS.


about the font top-game-fonts: there's a easy way to edit it? seems too the score screen fonts will need editing too.


about the error in the ini files:


do you know why in the world those things only happens with me?:



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