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A week of C&C1 maps


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A total of 9 maps have been posted this week. 4 singleplayer missions and 5 multiplayer missions!


First of the 4 singleplayer missions created by no other than Lin Kuei Ominae!


Hill Defense (GDI mission) - a unique survival mission where you have to hold of waves of GDI and Nod units from all sides. There is no tiberium in this map so instead you get resources over time.



Hostage Exchange (Nod mission) - GDI and Nod have captured the opposite sides MCV, two sizable forces have their guns trained on each other. But what GDI doesn't know is that a lot of the Nod forces are simply decoys.



Desert Run (Nod mission) - Nod forces have been assigned to assist another Nod force destroying GDI airbases.



Bounty Hunter (GDI mission) - Nod forces are hiding in a forest, GDI forces arrive in an attempt to secure the area before an imminent tiberium infestation.


Multiplayer maps


Tiberian Forest - 6 player temperate tournament map by Myg.


Garden of Eden - 6 player tournament desert map by Myg.


Delta Ridges - 6 player temperate tournament map by Myg.


Blistering Sands - 6 player tournament desert map by gody-cheese.


Islands in the Snow - 6 player tournament snow map by Myg.



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