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Impossible to launch a multiplayer Game


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HIIIII everybody.
I'm Thibaud, 28years old.... i play C&C 1 since my 8 years old ... I LOVE IT... its my favorite.....

I've got a big problem.... when i launch a game 90% of time it crash.... when the little window appears there is my name inside and no those of my partners....then it crash.

I've disable my firewall... and i dont know what i can do.... (that s the same when i join a game)

PLEASE HELP ME ..... (im very bad with informatic so try to have simple explicative)


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I'm still not sure what happens, so just to make it clear. The game always starts for you and you always see the following screen?



On that screen it is crashing? What is the exact error message of the crash?


I noticed that you left very quickly when we tested, you didn't even give it the time to connect, maybe thats the problem. Wait at least 10seconds on this screen. Or was it crashing and forced you to leave this screen?


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