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Why XCC Editor Screw ups the maps? Also, there's a way to fix XCC?


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XCC Editor is a good map editor for multiplayer, also a crap-badly mission maker, but it seems to be more stable than CCWMAP and it do not have so crap limitations for keeping compatibiliy for DOS C&C, like the 1024 lines limitation, and other things, and, in XCC is possilbe to take screenshots and see what is outside the map.


Here is my question:

XCC screw up the map only because it write everything in uppercase?

There's a way to fix this issue? an hotfixer or else hacking it?

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Olaf is aware of these issues and working on an update... I guess I'll have to contact him and ask him to finish it sometime soon.


As for the upper case stuff, he originally made it all lowercase and noticed C&C couldn't read it. And indeed, C&C is apparently unable to read ini keys specified in the exe (like the specific named keys of [basic] and [Map]) if the version in the exe starts with a capital letter and the one in the ini doesn't. This is because the game scans for the first letter first, this first check is case sensitive because that's easiest, and because all the ini keys inside the exe start with a capital letter.


So this was mostly due to a misunderstanding; he thought all things had to be uppercase. But in fact, it's only for the first letter, and only for exe-specific ini keys. So for triggers and teamtypes, where the user chooses the key names, and for units, structures and the rest, where the key is normally just a number, it doesn't matter either.

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