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[BETA] C&C TDR to C&C3 TW Voice Mini-Mod


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Recently, I got back in touch with an old Dev. team member BigCheese256 who presented to me a mini-mod of sorts for TDR v1.44.

His words:


Long time no see, I still follow the progress of the TDRDX mod and have been playing the full campaigns over the past few days. Have to say I'm impressed - steamrolling the final GDI mission with 20+ Mammoths was beautiful. While I was playing I started getting bored of the generic unit voices - while true to the original I felt the C&C games RA2 and previous having a lack of unique voices is pretty bland. So I went ahead and added C&C3 voices to all of the ingame units of Nod and GDI base factions (BH and ST sub-factions not included). Some fit perfectly, while some like the MRLS are having an identity crisis. This means some suspension of disbelief is required and this may not be for everyone. Obvious ones that are out of place are the Specter voice for the arty and Juggernaught voicing the MRLS. One thing I found as I continued through the Nod campaign too is the Commando still has the default voice when planting C4, and Engineer's say their "move" rather than "capture" dialogue when told to capture buildings.

He sent me his mini-mod and I fixed it up to address the issues mentioned above. I have added a private Beta of the fixed voice mod for use with public versions of TDR if anyone is still around and has any interest in trying it out. There is a good chance this will break multiplayer games if all users don't have this file installed.

As for the voices "fitting in" with a TD themed mod, to my surprise it actually works better than you might think. With all that being said, from this new perspective it kinda makes me wonder if EA meant to sell C&C3 as a soft reboot of sorts for C&C95/Tiberian Dawn. http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-tiberian-dawn-redux/addons/cc-tiberian-dawn-to-tiberium-wars-voice-mod

And make sure to install this for the full C&C3 "lite" experience lol http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-tiberian-dawn-redux/addons/cc-3-tiberium-wars-music-theme-mod

And for you Tiberian Sun lovers: http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-tiberian-dawn-redux/addons/cc-tiberian-sun-music-theme-mod

Feedback or bug reports is appreciated but again, the issues mentioned above should be fixed.

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