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Want the menu in English


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15 hours ago, roro87 said:

Hello people!
I started TS, but menu is in Spanish and I don't see any language option. Is there a way to change to English? Many thanks.

The game launcher and config program will always take the language of your operation system, you can't change this at the moment.

The CnCNet game lobby can be changed, via Settings in the top left, then click on CnCNet and in there you'll find the language setting

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Many thanks, Funky. Also, i'd appreciate if you could advise me on the ideal display settings for Windows 10 x64. I installed the game without any music included (painfully slow to download), but is there a way to manually include the music in the installation folder? Sorry if question seems basic, I'm not much of an expert for manually tweaking installation directories. Cheers

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Default settings are usually good, you can raise your resolution if you like, you need to try and see which one is the best for you.

I like lower resolutions, because I find that higher ones are making you slower (it's difficult to click on the tiny units!). But some players prefer higher resolutions because you can see more



You can install the music inside the game lobby with the following command:

/install ts-music


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