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All these sedona ffa games


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Despite literally nobody on the forums talking about sedona ffa, I literally see this map in half the games on cncnet. Though I rarely play this partially because I hate ffa in general, I must ask why is it so popular.

I mean I don't get how it is fun. Last time i played this, it went like this: I was soviet, and everyone else was Allies, because of random. Already I was at a disadvantage because soviets suck in long games without superweapons. So I scout and see that literally the 3 closest players built literally no tanks and only a few rocketeers (probably either they are newbs or are anticipating a long games). I seriously could not resist but utterly destroy these 3 players closest to me, with only a couple of losses. Now I get their ore and achieve map dominance over the entire right side of the map, and while doing so and collecting crates, i get an Allied mcv and started building rocketeers and mirages and gaps, while the remaining lucky two who were not within my rushing range have successfully teched up and actually started building units. However, that was about when all notable events in the game ceased to exist. 

Literally, all that happened is that the remaining two just sat in their bases camping under gaps while only thing they did outside their base was collecting crates for money with chrono legionaires. Even when I collected all the ore on my side of the map dry and amassed a huge army, there was no way i could head on, directly attack them because they have the advantage of defense (both actually moved their mcv up the cliff at the beginning and built towers). After about 1 hour, I actually have real life stuff to attend to, so I had to go, but before that I attacked one of the two players with my entire army and lost because i attacked the player in his base where he had all the advantage (defenses, mirages are stationary so units won't auto attack them, gaps, cliff advantage, choke point advantage) and I left. 

Reflecting back to this game, I probably could have not rushed the 3 players nearby and camped, and still get the same, big army. Why? Because all I needed to do is to collect crates and get money, thus no need expand and get ore outside ur base.

What is up with this sedona map? Is there like some sort of cult behind this map, because I sure don't see anyone talking about this map on the forums. How do people have fun on this map even, because the best strategy is the camp, as base expansion is useless when you can just collect crates. If there is nothing to talk about, how about sharing your experiences on this map?

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usually if i saw at least 4 good players or 5 playing sedona i join otherwise i don't even bother but there was a time when i played a couple of sedona games u will find most of the players are allies they r expecting a long game with bfs prisms rocketeer etc. they camp and try to make a big army an army of elite tanks maybe spy u and mass rocketeer u will find some ppl breaking the rules of the game by allying with each other which said FFa and still camping if u r good player u and have the map control u can keep up the pressure on him till he breaks down or just don't bother leave and start a new game but the thing is don't join Sedona or Toe crats if u are looking for a fast game

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Hmm, thanks for the responses, so sedona ffa is basically a campfest to be avoided at all cost, got it

I mean, if you changed one or both of these two rules, either crates OFF or superweapons ON, it would be very different. Crates OFF means that there is a lot of value in expanding as it would make way more sense to take out the dude next to you quickly to get his ore, and subsequently get more money that will never come to the other people who chose to hole up in their base. Superweapons ON is even better, as it actively discourages camping. 

(I'm making a pure assumption here, so correct me if im wrong) 

It honestly a shame to see how so many members of the yuri revenge community choose to play stuff like sedona and became stagnant in terms of their overall skill in their game, rather than actually trying to play a standard game of 1v1, 2v2, even 3v3 as they are way more fun than just a campfest (though 3v3 may be very stale at times). 

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Sedona isn't always about crates and sw off it's up to the host some games u will find sw on with crates on and some u will find sw off with crats on/off but most sedona games u will find crates on  it's just all up to the host and how he wanna play it

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