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Batch-Script for CnCNet/Lan swich in the start!



Hello, i've created a small (191 lines) batch script to run the game with CnCNet DLL, UDP dll or even wihout any dll (IPX for kali users).


Instalation: Unzip "Launch.cmd" into the game directory, andDownload the Latest THIPX32.DLL (for C&C95) or WSOCK32.DLL (for RA95, TS and RA2), rename it as THIPX32.NET or WSOCK32.NET and place it in the game directory, then run the script every time to select what mode you want. This should autodetect the game and launch the avaliable options. This script includes:


- Start C&C95 and RA95 with -LAN parameter for CnCNet (For RA95, you will need Hyper -LAN Hack*)

- Hability to autofix if the script got closed incorrectly (accidental or not)

- If you run the game executable, it will always run in UPD patch.

- Start C&C95 in MMX support (a small enhance i've found in C&C95.EXE.)

- Support C&C95, RA95, TS and RA2

- Should work on all versions of NT Based systems (2K, XP, 2K3, Vista, 2K8 and 7).



*Note: for use Hyper -LAN hack you need the game CD.


Download: -Here-


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- Start C&C95 in MMX support (a small enhance i've found in C&C95.EXE.)

The -MMX parameter won't make any difference. The game has an automatic MMX detection check that's executed on startup anyway. So if your PC supports MMX, it will be activated. That command line option just forces it, which seems like a bad idea to me.


I debugged the automatic check, and I saw it enable MMX mode, so it works. No need for the -MMX parameter.

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