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I got banned


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    Line 866: [00:32] <Ramiz> aaaaaaaaaa
    Line 868: [00:32] <Ramiz> aaaaaaaamiiiiiiiin
    Line 882: [00:32] <Ramiz> aj na vib
    Line 884: [00:33] <Ramiz> jel djole jos tu
    Line 895: [00:33] <Ramiz> fjepois
    Line 896: [00:33] <Ramiz> few
    Line 898: [00:33] <Ramiz> fse
    Line 899: [00:33] <Ramiz> few
    Line 902: [00:33] CnCNet5_Bot kicked Ramiz (Ramiz: Please stop spamming! You have been banned for 5minutes...)


It was just a 5 minute ban, so I guess the problem is sorted out now?

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