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Fan Made Tib Sun Nod Mission 1 Released


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I've released a taster mission on Mod DB for TIberian Dawn Redux. I'm planning to recreate the first part of the Nod Campaign where Slavik fights General Hassan, and I would like feedback on this mission so I can move the campaign in the right direction.

Here is the link:


WIth permission, I'd like the download on Mod DB to be available via the addons on the TDR so the download has more coverage.

Hope you enjoy the mission. 

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Sorry for the long delay, been busy with real life, looks like I am the only one still active on this section of the forums.

FANTASTIC! Its awesome to see other fan made work! When I originally designed the Mod I did it with the full intent on making assets easily accessible as I would love to see what other people could come up with for missions and such. A very well made effort on your part so please by all means continue your work.

* A couple notes: I included all the SP mission scripting templates in the CCTDRDXAI.tdr file if you wish to extract them... If you want to further streamline your efforts in map making and scripting the missions. Trust me on this. lol

* The visual effects and special nature props (such as waterfalls) are located in the CIVILIAN+MISC_NATURAL section in the object menu in Worldbuilder. (if you haven't found them already) It would give your maps and missions that extra polish and less barren appearance. I would also refrain as much as possible from reusing the old Generals tree props and ground textures. (I saw you already used the new desert cliff textures and it works very well) There are a lot of higher quality assets at your disposal now. (been meaning to either delete or overwrite the old Generals models/textures for some time now, maybe in a future release?)

I will see if I can get the ModDB admins to properly link it to the profile. Otherwise I can probably grant you permission to do a secondary mini-mod profile like what that one guy did for Shockwave and you can host them there and simply linking the original mod page with credit to the original mod Dev Team should help as well. I can do the same if we go that route.

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Also while I never used them, for added authenticity it is also possible to have popup dialog boxes for mission info text (remember the training mission in Generals) and video clips to play in the radar screen via scripts versus the scrolling type text you were using that was also commonly used in the Generals missions, there is so much you can do with WB that most people fail to give it credit for.

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