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How to add walls [C&C3]


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Originally posted by rebel5555 on cncden.com


In this tutorial I will show you how to enable walls to be built. This is very easy to do so follow the below steps to the letter (I'm assuming you already have your mod directory completely set up).


-Step 1: Open LogicCommandSet.xml in an Xml editor (If you don't have an XML editor go here http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/)


-Step 2: Find GDIConstructionYardCommandSet and add the following that will be in Green text

<LogicCommandSet id="GDIConstructionYardCommandSet">
























(Do the Same if you want the GDI Crane to build walls)


-Step 3: Find GDIWallHubCommandSetand add the following that will be in Green text

<LogicCommandSet id="GDIWallHubCommandSet">






-Step 4: To add walls for NOD & the Scrin find NODConstructionYardCommandSet, NODWallHubCommandSet, AlienDronePlatformCommandSet, and AlienWallHubCommandSet and add the following under their command sets.







Congratulations! All you have to do is compile your mod and then enjoy.


There are several tutorials on adding walls to C&C3, but i think this one is my favorite, enjoy. :)

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