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I want to share my MOD called "Command & Conquer Retro". You can download it for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi(ARMv7) with Dosbox preconfigured or play in your Browser.
-new Singleplayer Campaign GDI+NOD
-Retro Missions: 23 instant accessable Missions
-no cheating
-cross Multiplayer (Windows,Linux,ARMv7)
-Browser does store your savegames


-Tom (DiViNiTY)

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Not a bad idea. I have thought of doing similar.

Cncnet will eventually have to face the issue of windows not supporting 32-bit exes sometime in the future (albiet they might make an emulator).

Having a backup system like this is good. Maybe we will do our own version someday.

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With no cheating i mean you can't sale Infantry or block the AI with Sandbags. Sandbags and Walls were removed because you could build them close to the opponent and place an Obelisk there which is annoying.
You can edit the values in "game.dat" file with several editors out there but if the game has different values for a Unit or Structure in Multiplayer it has the "out of sync" error message. No fancy checksum .exe protection. :)

I also want to make a Linux Distro with WINE installed and it should boot direct into a GUI where you can select C&C-TD, RA1 and TibSun. All 3 games run great with the "CNCDDRAW dll" and WINE.
The only issue is creating that damn Linux ISO. I've tried with Buildroot and had less success.

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I know there is a .deb package for Linux Mint and Ubuntu. What i want to do is creating a standalone Linux .iso or .img dedicated to the C&C series. 

With Dosbox and DosEmu2/FreeDos i also want to build a Linux Distro which boots direct into a GUI. I even made the GUI and compiled the Emulators already, only Linux iso gives me a headache.
FreeDosEmuBox should run on every Linux x64 Desktop. Download link:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/k31gp1kedfs8dtf/FreeDosEmuBox_portable_Linux_x64_r01_beta1fix.tar.bz2 ~57MB

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