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  1. Great to see you making maps again!
  2. Its just a pack of files. You will have to learn how to use them if you want to try them. Ask Nyerguds.
  3. I found these old maps recently and I hoped that their example/designs might bring some inspiration to modern mappers. C&C Single Player Map collection #1
  4. I found these old maps recently and I hoped that their example/designs might bring some inspiration to modern mappers. There are single player maps as well but I don't think I will post that unless someone specifically asks for it. C&C Multiplayer Map collection #1
  5. Combination apache with a chinook full of troops (flame throwers preferably). You can also throw some ground forces like minigunners to distract or even in the best case cause some damage.
  6. I've been testing this, its got good momentum.
  7. Thank you for your contributions, please help us in any way you can. Thanks
  8. The remaster is a dream come true. Even if its good or not we all benefit from its production. Lets try and enjoy it a bit!
  9. Myg


    Hey Sys! Welcome back.
  10. Just gonna have to wait man.... The mods and admins here arn't unreasonable.
  11. Haha Chem, chill out man. Question why you need to have outburts in the first place, you might find the reason(s) don't make sense...
  12. If you are going a laptop gaming machine the #1 thing you need to make sure of is if it can properly cool the hardware. Many companies make good cooling solutions but some don't. If it overheats it will just down-clock and ruin your experience. Make 100% sure the cooling solution is reliable.
  13. There are already backup plans/schemes to preserve the game in the works. People will always try to paint their stuff their own shade/colour so that is nothing new. History repeats itself and people think their version of reality is better then others. I am for preserving the game but at the same time I am heavily waiting on the remaster because its reworked by the same people who made the original which means it may just be a more mature expression of the game made by professionals or simply just a graphics/multiplayer upgrade by professionals. Your worries are well founded though chem.
  14. Like Tore said, IPX is your starting point to recreate the old LAN stuff.
  15. There is an official thread for this. It is not wise to go above or around EA's current dip into this community, it might just be an annoyance to them since its not in the official channel. There is a greater chance that any input will be taken if you post it here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9114-q1-is-there-anything-sacred-you-would-advise-not-to-change-in-remaster/
  16. This hasn't been mentioned yet but it was brought up by neogrant that it should come with a physical copy/release. I thought that was a brilliant idea!
  17. Myg

    News from EA.

    We have set up a special forum to deal with the interactions with EA here: https://forums.cncnet.org/forum/79-questions/ Make sure you direct any input towards that forum.
  18. Well this is a hard topic. Ideally we would like the preservation of the blood and sweat of the team which initailly designed the game(s). We are nostalgic to the experience we had when it was first out and to change that experience might upset the balance of nostalgia. Although the following might have no effect on that: Bug fixes, new resolution modes, continued compatibility for latest versions of windows, multi-thread support, more modern multiplayer options, maybe a higher quality Art/GFX/sound/Voice/music experience, more hotkeys to name a few.
  19. Myg

    News from EA.

    Just an update! EA_Jimtern has joined the official CnCNet discord! He is open to input!
  20. Myg

    News from EA.

    I dunno X. He is currently entertaining other communities like CNCNZ at the moment but no sign of em around CnCNet yet.
  21. Myg

    News from EA.

    According to: https://www.reddit.com/r/commandandconquer/comments/9nbrfm/cc_update_from_ea/ EA has some plans with the classic games. No ones were specifically mentioned but as you know, any attention is probably good attention.
  22. Have you looked into https://flatpak.org/ ?
  23. What exactly does "Automatic" mean? What kind of processing does it do to identify which renderer is best for the user? (ive been out of the loop for a while)
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