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  1. Well guys it looks like the growing streak is over for the time being! We have settled on about a 1/3 of the number we had at our height!
  2. It's better because its official. There is a lot of hope in the air with the source code being released as well.
  3. Thanks guys! Generalslavik and AlliedRising!
  4. I am making a discord server specifically for the Tiberian Dawn version of the remastered collection. Mostly for organizing games and etc. Web app link: https://discord.gg/m4wcAZd Server code: m4wcAZd Everyone welcome!
  5. I can keep posting here but I don't think I can edit the title. 5500+
  6. 4100+ now, is there no end?
  7. You are forgetting 2v2v2 ore. That game mode was really fun.
  8. I know how you feel Mike but we can only hope they add more players later on.
  9. scs30ea: Swastikal. scs31ea: Tears of rage. scs33ea: Block house. scs35ea: Flow and blow. scs36ea: Jaws of life. scs37ea: Mound of narrows. scs38ea: Cut and connect. scs39ea: Ridge rider. scs40ea: Logos one. scs41ea: Rocky Pathways. scs42ea: Bridges and Rook. scs43ea: Red Sands repeat. scs50ea: Emoji plains. scs51ea: Rectangles and angles. scs60ea: Tri-leidoscope. scs61ea: Square arrangement. scs62ea: Diagonals and green. scs63ea: Finger pools.
  10. Myg


    You are not in control of this concept. We will try to get a consensus from the community and its feedback and go from there. There was no need to act like a wall. Sometimes it is better to build bridges.
  11. Myg


    Why so negative? Why don't we see where this goes?
  12. Myg


    long answer no. Human training is completely different then AI training.
  13. Myg


    Do you guys think it would be a good idea to have dedicated trainers for games to help newbies improve? A guy on CnCNet discord was asking for a bit of training and I know other games have trainers. Now that we have 2-3 times as many players maybe it makes sense? What's the feedback on this idea?
  14. I dunno piki. Some ISPs have been throttling their traffic to combat the surge in user numbers. Of course its worse if you are on Cable Internet and not DSL or fibre since cable has higher contention.
  15. Its hard to predict what will happen when we stress the system because to my knowledge we haven't really tried that yet. The upsurge in players due to quarantine and isolation might stretch the back-end of CnCNet. We are always looking for more tunnel servers I think?
  16. Great to see you making maps again!
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