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  1. Kudos to the man. Helping others in distress is very virtuos. We should all strive to help others.
  2. A hope.

    No matter how bad someone acts in this community I wish that forgiveness will always be within arms length. I dont think a negative responce to negative acts reaps anything good. We need to act positively to "threats" to the community. lets be loving, patient, inviting and charitable to the best of our ability. We shouldnt let hardness of our hearts tear the unity apart. This is just a hope. Thanks for your time.
  3. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    Figured you felt this way. I have no words man, pleasure having you look over things for soo long, you have done an awsome job. I hope your new endavours are fruitful and productive. Dont think anything I can say can sum things up. <3
  4. CnCNet Driver?[ReactOS]

    I had issues with ReactOS and the 64bit build. Try the 32-bit build if your problem persists.
  5. C&C Retro Online

    I thought we already had builds for Linux?
  6. C&C Retro Online

    Btw, how do you assure that there is no cheating? Do you have some sort of exe checking system?
  7. C&C Retro Online

    Not a bad idea. I have thought of doing similar. Cncnet will eventually have to face the issue of windows not supporting 32-bit exes sometime in the future (albiet they might make an emulator). Having a backup system like this is good. Maybe we will do our own version someday.
  8. Developer Looking for Teammates

    Lookin good!
  9. Tech level 3 has buggies, right?

    Hmm, this is a tricky one. Which is right? The manual or the latest version of the game?
  10. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    I dont know if its worth proceeding any further. I doubt funky would make the changes just to allow windows 98 machines to work. Hes spent a few years on it and its alot of code! If he wanted to make those changes it would be a totally large undertaking.
  11. Happy new year!

    Happy new year!
  12. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    Well, its not just the program itself, funky uses 3rd party libs as a basis for the IRC communication. There is probably some Async stuff in that. Nice find on that page!
  13. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    Nice research Parrot. I am guessing that its probably a few of those issues.
  14. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    Funky said he didn't, so it must be something else.
  15. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    Funky, are you using EventLog ?