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  1. Can only really ask them to 'play responsibly', tis all.
  2. Tech level 3 has buggies, right?

    Hmm, this is a tricky one. Which is right? The manual or the latest version of the game?
  3. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    I dont know if its worth proceeding any further. I doubt funky would make the changes just to allow windows 98 machines to work. Hes spent a few years on it and its alot of code! If he wanted to make those changes it would be a totally large undertaking.
  4. Happy new year!

    Happy new year!
  5. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    Well, its not just the program itself, funky uses 3rd party libs as a basis for the IRC communication. There is probably some Async stuff in that. Nice find on that page!
  6. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    Nice research Parrot. I am guessing that its probably a few of those issues.
  7. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    Funky said he didn't, so it must be something else.
  8. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    Funky, are you using EventLog ?
  9. gaming foot pedal

    LOL, n1 f.
  10. My cnc net.org doesn't work

    Well funky, we can deduce that its not the website since he is posting on the forums. Sives try to give more detailed and specific information please.
  11. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    Well, funky doesnt want to make the source available; thats his decision. This possibility has lingered in my mind for a while and although it isnt implemented it would be great if it actually happened.
  12. Play red alert 1 online broken forever?

    Looking for an 'average' from consulting multiple people; I think it only works on very simple issues. Examples have shown just that. Throw in some things like money and power and it quickly breaks down.
  13. Play red alert 1 online broken forever?

    Contacting the original developers would be a good way to get an official 'intention' response, I don't know if anyone here wants to/can do it though.
  14. Play red alert 1 online broken forever?

    Well originally he started out making the tanks slower in the direction that you mentioned. Its been a long time since then and other stuff have snuck into his project (as it usually goes). That is one of the issues with changing a game, you keep finding reasons and exccuses to make it more to your personal liking like a snowball rolling down a hill gathering size, its a slippery slope.