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  1. Lets talk about addiction!

    Great! This is a start. X3m, the pay to win games sure are more effective at being addictive then the older games; totally agree there: I hope we can develop as a community if we talk about these things. Marsh, I can agree with that somewhat! Addiction is usually a complicated set of circumstances. Ignorance does exist!
  2. I don't really know what to write here, but I am hoping that people will post their experiences with addiction and games, cncnet hosted games in particular; because thats just where we are.
  3. Computer Ideas for CNC compatibility

    Oh? Thats a shame.
  4. Computer Ideas for CNC compatibility

    As they said: Windows. Any cheap machine should be able to run these antique games.
  5. my official quit

    XXxPrePxX, well I can't get anywhere without the community's support first. So this idea might go nowhere.
  6. my official quit

    It may or it may not be, but its worth doing: Community growth includes assisting people not only in the fun parts, but in the confusing/complicated parts as well. If it was just a stickied thread, it might not be noticed. For such a topic we don't want people missing out on what help can be provided.
  7. my official quit

    Well gaming addicting is a known condition, as well as other forms and expressions of addiction. After reading this thread I thought It would be a good idea if we faced that issue. A simple forum for people who are, have been and may be in that situation to share and find support among fellow gamers; nothing fancy.
  8. my official quit

    I had lobbied for a new forum to cover the addictive nature of games in the spirit of collective/community assistance. If you would PM the admins/mods to add this to our community: That would be appreciated.
  9. my official quit

    Marsh is right. Addiction is usually the sign of another problem you are running away from. I suggest some quiet time with your mind to see what you are dealing with.
  10. my official quit

    Please play responsibly.
  11. Why the client is so CPU intensive?

    Ah, I feel like a fool! I should look up things a bit before I speak! Thanks funky.
  12. Why the client is so CPU intensive?

    That is true, but a GUI application that waits for input generally uses around 0%.
  13. Why the client is so CPU intensive?

    To be honest, funky probably needs to go over his logic. An application such as cncnet, despite the framework, shouldn't be using that much!
  14. I like the map, good symmetry. What happened to the 6th spawn point?
  15. Forum Maintenance complete

    Works great on mobiles!