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  1. Well it uses some of the code. They have their own engine on top called "GlyphX" which runs the code but its proprietary. The cncnet/etc devs are currently at work trying to make something of the dll/code provided by EA.
  2. The remaster and source code are separate things. With the source code our devs (cncnet and others) can modify the game to accept larger maps or do whatever the devs please. I think the remasters have stopped releasing additions to the game now and are just dealing in bug fixes and small patches.
  3. Well guys it looks like the growing streak is over for the time being! We have settled on about a 1/3 of the number we had at our height!
  4. It's better because its official. There is a lot of hope in the air with the source code being released as well.
  5. Thanks guys! Generalslavik and AlliedRising!
  6. I am making a discord server specifically for the Tiberian Dawn version of the remastered collection. Mostly for organizing games and etc. Web app link: https://discord.gg/m4wcAZd Server code: m4wcAZd Everyone welcome!
  7. I can keep posting here but I don't think I can edit the title. 5500+
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