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  1. CnCNet has officially broken the 1000 user barrier! https://cncnet.org/status Thanks to everyone who has helped and continue to help with this project! PS: Mental Omega accounted for half of the user count.
  2. Myg

    YR Red-Resurrection has arrived!

    I dont know much about modding here but I do know that for solid gameplay you need an easily recognised "Rock, paper,sissors" arrangement. Does this mod fulfill that criterea?
  3. Myg


    Seeing the future isnt hard but doing something about it is. I think we (the forum) need a special/seperate area for players/etc that have passed (Dedicated to them).
  4. Myg

    "Sun Burnt"

    Very unique, I hope it plays well.
  5. Myg

    How to use Appachi's vs GDI the proper way?

    If you meet a group of grenadiers with an apache aim for the central one first.
  6. Myg

    How to use Appachi's vs GDI the proper way?

    I think he just wants more opinions, no harm in that.
  7. Myg

    How to use Appachi's vs GDI the proper way?

    I used to use that heli flamer mix and always enjoyed it. I would also drop flamers from chinooks to pressure the enemy even more. Both tacs use excessive amounts of micro.
  8. Myg

    If you want to be productive

    There are words passing around that Microsoft will eventually drop native 32bit support for its newer operating systems, in time. Just like they did to the 16bit side of the O/S for current Windows builds. If you want to be productive, you can try and make some sort of arrangement to keep C&C95 preserved for a long time to come.
  9. What happens when you change something: "Oh yea, the previous guys made changes, so should we". Goto start of post (and repeat).
  10. Myg

    Chemical Warrior and MLRS Change

    Any changes can potentially wreck the game.
  11. I like it, maybe put up a 4 or 6 player version as well?
  12. Myg

    Bosnia (NOD Capital)

    Spacing is nice and it has a little bit of flow but the symmetry is lacking.
  13. Myg

    An attempt at a balance patch

    Not really saying anything but you might do well if you could muster 2-10 people to assist you. As well a thorough ground up assessment of redesigns at the same time. You will have more success if you commit to doing more backend work instead if plainly asking what people want. The factor that will decide your success will be your knowledge of what people want and sticking to it. Not the kind of wishy washy poll style knowledge but the interior recognition of shared key elements in peoples minds. That element of satisfaction! I also recommend looking to the guy who made MO (mental omega) and asking him for some tips/advice on making a mod.
  14. Myg

    An attempt at a balance patch

    "I understand there are many purists who like the game as it is, and thats fine. " Obviously its not fine if you intend to try and change the game that they like. Cncnet generally has a long history of avoiding balance changes because it deforms the blood, sweat, tears and spirit of its creators. I am not saying that your mod wont be popular, maybe even more popular then the vanilla game, its just that we generally recognise the slippery slope that is user changes. Also the fact that it takes a rare kind of genuis to make them successful in the first place. Alot of people make promises about how impactful the changes will be and end up not really attracting any real attention due to unrational/misunderstood design. Coming here saying you will make something special and popular (which you hope for) doesnt really lead to anything constructive. The design requirements of kickstarter vs indigogo is a good indicator of things starting off smartly: kickstarter requires a working prototype while indiegogo doesnt need anything other then a bit of writing on paper. To create a proper (working + popular mod) you need to either spend a really long time in the design stage or a few years of tinkering with already working designs. Maybe someone who has made a successful mod here can chime in and give you some advice. That would really be the best starting point. Not sure what else to say.
  15. Myg

    (cn2) Ruby Ridge

    I like the spacing, symmetry and flow as well as the amount of tiberium. I can tell it plays well.