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  1. Myg


    "The map has a hidden subliminal message. " Is it trees? Cause I can only think of trees when I look at this map, despite them being a mere boundary.
  2. Myg


    I like it.
  3. Myg

    (cn2) Teardrop

    I am a sucker for symmetry.
  4. Myg

    Tiberian Dawn Commentaries Anyone?

    I'd like to see commentaries/games from you! Always fun to watch.
  5. Myg

    Is this game freeware?

    If you work with un-freeware games you shouldnt be suprised if you get a cease and desist order.
  6. Having played/witnessed both games there is a clear difference. I sometimes think about picking them up again, they were good games.
  7. Myg

    What are your favourite maps on cnc1?

    It is a way, not a perfect fix, but an attempt. Those kind of setups do have their own downsides.
  8. Myg

    What are your favourite maps on cnc1?

    Looks nice but probably doesnt play that well (not fair). It is very much like some westwood maps. Fairness is a cornerstone of fun.
  9. Myg

    More publicity!

    We got another youtube video that advertises us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4htEJGk-Om0 😃 Maybe we need a thread dedicated to +1s? On a side note I noticed that the CnCNet Youtube channel hasnt had a new video for 4 months!
  10. CnCNet has officially broken the 1000 user barrier! https://cncnet.org/status Thanks to everyone who has helped and continue to help with this project! PS: Mental Omega accounted for half of the user count.
  11. Myg

    YR Red-Resurrection has arrived!

    I dont know much about modding here but I do know that for solid gameplay you need an easily recognised "Rock, paper,sissors" arrangement. Does this mod fulfill that criterea?
  12. Myg


    Seeing the future isnt hard but doing something about it is. I think we (the forum) need a special/seperate area for players/etc that have passed (Dedicated to them).
  13. Myg

    "Sun Burnt"

    Very unique, I hope it plays well.
  14. Myg

    How to use Appachi's vs GDI the proper way?

    If you meet a group of grenadiers with an apache aim for the central one first.
  15. Myg

    How to use Appachi's vs GDI the proper way?

    I think he just wants more opinions, no harm in that.