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Cannot start a campaign on Windows 10 with edited rule.ini


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Hi, I paid EA Games  a few years ago for the CnC package and just wanted to play on my laptop running windows 10.

I tend to play the game casually so I used TibEd to make some changes to the units' weapons settings. But since then the game immediately crashed every time I start a campaign.

P.S. I have installed the latest Funkyfr3sh patch provided in this net.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Question updating, new discovery of the source of problem originally stated
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Merged with your other topic.

Does the campaign work if you rename "rules.ini" to something else like "rules2.ini"?


PS: It is generally better to manually modify a rules.ini file manually with a text editor like Notepad than using TibEd as TibEd adds a bunch of unneeded or sometimes invalid options to rules entries potentially causing issues.

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