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Starting off a singleplayer map...

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So I am starting off making maps using the modified Final Alert developed by the MO (Mental Omega) team, doing the basics and stuff while learning how to make houses, scripts ,etc. My question is: how do I start a singleplayer map without it crashing when I start it? I have 3 seperate houses already and I want to start doing tests and experiments using the singleplayer map, but it refuses to launch claiming it was "unable to read scenario", followed by a crash. 

I don't know if this is a question for the team or if I am doing something wrong that is common for not setting up a singleplayer mission correctly. Or should I just start off a multiplayer map and experiment there?



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Read this:


Step 1: Create A New Map

Click on File->New. Check singleplayer map, and select the appropiate options. Don´t forget to select the player side in the last dialog before clicking on OK.
FinalAlert 2: Yuri's Revenge TM will automatically set up the player houses and the building AI triggers for the enemies. 

Step 2: Create The Terrain

You should now create the terrain for the map, place the buildings and units, place ore, create all needed triggers (if you want to use them) and implement all the items you want to have. 

Step 3: Playing A Singleplayer Map

Save your map as ALL01t.MAP (player is Allied) or SOV01t.MAP (player is Soviet) in your RA2 directory and play a normal campaign.
If your map is for Yuri's Revenge, you need to save it as ALL01UMD.MAP and start a Allied campaign.


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