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Bored by original Yuri's revenge's passive AI along with illogical unit stats? This INI(Rules/Art/AI) mod emphasizes on game play re-balance/uplift and major AI enhancement.

I spent over 2 years working and polishing this ini mod, and it is still on-going, it will not disappoint you. The mod is cncnet5 friendly, spawner.xdp file included, unzip the package under your cncnet5 YR folder and the client will be able to recognize it.

VS INI Release - 6

VS_INI First Anniversary

VS_INI Version 5C Update

Version 5D Update

Download from Moddb page (techtrees and manuals are also available for download) : http://www.moddb.com/mods/vs-ini/downloads/vs-ini-release-6

Youtube channel(Featuring both PvP and PvE footages): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4M6nwQLqo83aHP_evg0sdQ?view_as=subscriber

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Just realized this post is in the wrong sub-forum, this is meant to be posted on main ra2/yr forum instead of ra/yr_maps. Is there anyone with admin authorities who can help relocate this thread, Ty much.

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I really appreciate your work on the AI. I've been using your VS_AI mod (just the AI modifications) and it really challenges me in my micro. :)
It's also awesome to use it with CNCNET and have AI battle each other, with me being a spectator!

I have a question, but it probably is related to how the CNCNET client works instead of your mod. To succesfully use it, I have to do the following: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6872-is-there-a-way-to-use-rulesmdini-for-local-skirmish-game/?tab=comments#comment-54037

Is there a way for the mod to co-exist with CNCNET, without interfering it? I kept renaming the files (spawner.xdp original and VSAI (rulesmd.ini) ) and moving back and forth, depending on if I needed to play online or not. One time I updated the client when it probably had VSAI in it, and my installation got corrupted, when I put back the original spawner.xdp (which then was probably was from the older version).
I wish there was an easier way. Can I put it in the "gamemode" list in Skirmish somehow?

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@YuriTD88 Thank you for your support, indeed for cncnet to run modified rulesmd you need to renamed it into spwaner.xdp. That is why I always include the spawned.xdp in my mod vs-ini along with rulesmd.ini. It can read art and ai files just fine. I always put these modified files into a separate folder, easy for me switch from mod to vanilla. Also every time there's an update for cncnet, spawned.xdp is replaced with the vanilla one. About integrating either just my vsai or the entire vsini mod into cncnet is solely up to cncnet admins. If they find it worthy then it might be added into the client with a button to enable such feature. 

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1)yes, ai can ultilize all naval units to attack land and conduct shore support. Also there are various amphibious transport usage  scripts for every faction and country specific units.

2)I wouldn't compare it with that mod, we have different approaches when it comes to unit design and ai infrastrucure.

3)Only Iraq has desolator, just like the original game.


Check out moddb page and youtube channel to watch ai battle footages.

1 hour ago, MapDesigner said:

is the AI good in water maps? does he use naval units well?

how is this mod compared to @TK_3600 ? 


does all soviets have deso?


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