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Are Rekoool and Appels Wasteland fame temporary fads on CnCNet?


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It's what everyone's playing. I can't be helped either. I'm particularly drawn into Appel Wasteland ver 4.0 land rush with 2v2v2v2 setup. Call it my guilty pleasure. The map is simple and plain fun.

I also used to enjoy ExtraSmall, but haven't played that one in a while. It seems most people stopped playing that map starting this 2018. Tour of Egypt w/ crates and Sedona FFA, as always, are still played by many, but in terms of attracting most players, Appels Wasteland gamerooms currently dominate the CnCNet lobby,  and Rekoool is also up there.

What are your thoughts on these maps?

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Yes that is almost a perfect map but for make it fair need to be the teams in bottom left corner vs top right corner for be fair for the position of war factory, almost all the maps that i think are balanced are in that way. 


Extra Small without crates is one of the most fun maps ever made with oil in center map ToE is a very fun map but without crates and no timer but they are a lot of new players that love crates and timer because can't deal with rush tactics, Sedona is one of the maps that i hate more because you need to win camping a lot without SW and is unbalanced, Wasteland is like a Extra Small buffed and ones of my best and epic battles happen there, Rekoool is ones of the most popular maps but i dislike it because i am not good for play fast i am very slow in the keyboard and left side can base walking easy and right side is ver slow to start because gems are some seconds far that in right side for the position of refineries. 

And well what about this version of Wasteland? ?


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