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Final Alert Bitmap import


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For those of you who wonder how to import a bitmap (there's no tutorial yet AFAIK).

You have to create a bitmap, f.e. with microsoft paint. Maximum size is IMHO 150x150 PX. If you have another size FA will resize it automatically to max 150px.

You can also shape the terrain :

LIGHT GREEN : Light Grass

DARK GREEN : Dark Grass

BL'UE : Water


There might be a way to import trees and so on, but I didn't figure it out yet.

It works if you save it with "MS paint" as *.bmp.


You can save it as a bitmap without color information (dunno how it's called in english) :



. You can use the free program "GIMP" if you want.

If you don't save it that way Final Alert will import it wrong, most times it shows a completely green map without any details.

Afterwards open Final Alert 2 and click on New Map -> Import from Bitmap -> Choose File.



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