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stolen maps


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My original name at this group is bmoeller and i cant get that account back, but this is for another topic. I have been browsing around and looking at some of the maps that are getting played and have found 3 so far that are my creation that i made  several years ago. I think i made  25 - 35 custom maps. Anyways i have been seeing my maps getting played, but some lame(s) have just changed the name and take credit for my work. Kinda annoying to be honest.. Come up with your own designs and stop stealing peoples work.

I put a lot of time in the making of my maps and i had some washes, but at the same time i made some great ones. One of the maps i see played a lot that is called LANES... Same map i made, but a  different name . You can sit back and be like shut up cry baby, but you must understand i have been playing this game for years and really put my heart into contributing to the game to make it better.I have not done much as the developers and what not but i did put my heart into my work just like everyone else that contributes ..


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