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  1. bmoeller1

    Only can play 1 ra1 map

    Whats your idea of a perfect ra1 map? What type of layout and changes need to be done such as changing ore value and so on?
  2. bmoeller1

    The rise and fall

    Sorry if this video has been posted before. I did search and couldnt find it so i decided to share the link https://youtu.be/OlIkGlTMUNE
  3. bmoeller1

    Needed help making a mod

    Are there any mod tutorials for RA1 ?
  4. bmoeller1

    YouTube Submissions Now Open!

    is this still ongoing or a dead ?
  5. https://youtu.be/mep43A30oJw
  6. bmoeller1

    3d printer

    The link i showed you with the ants nests are all my designs that i created in Tinkercad Im working on modifying the above redalert 3d images into one solid unit. At the end of the print it will be a base under distress. Im going to creates some half destroyed buildings and tanks. I have 7 different colors of pla so its going to look bad arse
  7. bmoeller1

    3d printer

    these have yet to be printed... I have the .stl files for them. i just need to load them into the printer and hit GO........ The .stl files came from thingiverse and can be modified to your liking or kept as is.. i plan to make a solid print that will have a base with the above and tanks.. I have an ant nest making business, but plan to do this as a side project https://www.thingiverse.com/antbizzo/designs oh and the sizes are 2-4 inches
  8. bmoeller1

    3d printer

  9. Could the person that is in control of RA1 at this site please send me a personal message? The person that adds maps and whatnot
  10. bmoeller1

    3d printer

    I have 2 3d printers purchased for a small business i have.... I decided to do a side 3d print... Ill upload it when im done if anyone is interested in seeing it.....
  11. bmoeller1

    whats going on

    Is this mod Ra1 WITH only changes to the graphics https://www.moddb.com/mods/red-alert-origins
  12. bmoeller1

    Highest possible 16:9 resolution for Red Alert

    thats something else. i try to stick to a lower res so the build menu isnt so far away from the map.
  13. bmoeller1

    TC05 Tree Group

    Resolved.. I guess there is an object limit
  14. bmoeller1

    TC05 Tree Group

    update: i just noticed its not showing up only in 1 certain area.. Is there a object limit?
  15. bmoeller1

    TC05 Tree Group

    for some reason tc05 is not showing up after i save the map.. All other objects i added show up.theres not a tree one when i play the map. Any ideas why this is happening?