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  1. Whats your idea of a perfect ra1 map? What type of layout and changes need to be done such as changing ore value and so on?
  2. Sorry if this video has been posted before. I did search and couldnt find it so i decided to share the link https://youtu.be/OlIkGlTMUNE
  3. Are there any mod tutorials for RA1 ?
  4. is this still ongoing or a dead ?
  5. The link i showed you with the ants nests are all my designs that i created in Tinkercad Im working on modifying the above redalert 3d images into one solid unit. At the end of the print it will be a base under distress. Im going to creates some half destroyed buildings and tanks. I have 7 different colors of pla so its going to look bad arse
  6. these have yet to be printed... I have the .stl files for them. i just need to load them into the printer and hit GO........ The .stl files came from thingiverse and can be modified to your liking or kept as is.. i plan to make a solid print that will have a base with the above and tanks.. I have an ant nest making business, but plan to do this as a side project https://www.thingiverse.com/antbizzo/designs oh and the sizes are 2-4 inches
  7. Could the person that is in control of RA1 at this site please send me a personal message? The person that adds maps and whatnot
  8. I have 2 3d printers purchased for a small business i have.... I decided to do a side 3d print... Ill upload it when im done if anyone is interested in seeing it.....
  9. Is this mod Ra1 WITH only changes to the graphics https://www.moddb.com/mods/red-alert-origins
  10. thats something else. i try to stick to a lower res so the build menu isnt so far away from the map.
  11. Resolved.. I guess there is an object limit
  12. update: i just noticed its not showing up only in 1 certain area.. Is there a object limit?
  13. for some reason tc05 is not showing up after i save the map.. All other objects i added show up.theres not a tree one when i play the map. Any ideas why this is happening?
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