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  1. Whats your idea of a perfect ra1 map? What type of layout and changes need to be done such as changing ore value and so on?
  2. Sorry if this video has been posted before. I did search and couldnt find it so i decided to share the link https://youtu.be/OlIkGlTMUNE
  3. Are there any mod tutorials for RA1 ?
  4. is this still ongoing or a dead ?
  5. The link i showed you with the ants nests are all my designs that i created in Tinkercad Im working on modifying the above redalert 3d images into one solid unit. At the end of the print it will be a base under distress. Im going to creates some half destroyed buildings and tanks. I have 7 different colors of pla so its going to look bad arse
  6. these have yet to be printed... I have the .stl files for them. i just need to load them into the printer and hit GO........ The .stl files came from thingiverse and can be modified to your liking or kept as is.. i plan to make a solid print that will have a base with the above and tanks.. I have an ant nest making business, but plan to do this as a side project https://www.thingiverse.com/antbizzo/designs oh and the sizes are 2-4 inches
  7. Could the person that is in control of RA1 at this site please send me a personal message? The person that adds maps and whatnot
  8. I have 2 3d printers purchased for a small business i have.... I decided to do a side 3d print... Ill upload it when im done if anyone is interested in seeing it.....
  9. Is this mod Ra1 WITH only changes to the graphics https://www.moddb.com/mods/red-alert-origins
  10. thats something else. i try to stick to a lower res so the build menu isnt so far away from the map.
  11. Resolved.. I guess there is an object limit
  12. update: i just noticed its not showing up only in 1 certain area.. Is there a object limit?
  13. for some reason tc05 is not showing up after i save the map.. All other objects i added show up.theres not a tree one when i play the map. Any ideas why this is happening?
  14. Are you a good player? If so try to win with 1 AI set to hard and 10000 credit tech 10 unit count 0... It took me a few tries, but i finally was able to win. Map Name Conflictant 69.7z
  15. Map theme: Jungle Size: 126x126 Players: up to 8 do you get tired of hearing silos needed? I do, so i changed the silo storage amount, so all you have to do is build one silo and that annoying silos needed voice goes away. This also helps you keep all the ore you harvest... The map is setup to where its extremely hard for the other players to build into your base and destroy you with tesla coils . JungleSmoke.7z So all you have to do is build one silo to make the silos needed audio to go away JungleSmoke.7z
  16. i have notice while playing ra1 in multiplayer mode that there is a unit limit when you select copious amounts of units. If i have 100 tanks built and select them all the coding only allows an x amount of units to go mobile. It really can mess up your strategy. If a base is setup to where im guessing its going to take 80 tanks to destroy it then im shit out of luck because only 60 tanks are going to go mobile while the rest sit stationary.. Everyone knows that you can just be one tank short while attacking and it can cost you the game. I thinks its important to remove this unit limit.... Sometimes a front on assault is the only way to take control. Yes you can group the tanks and do it like, but imo its not the same as a straight forward attack while your are controlling 80 tanks at one time. Thanks Ant
  17. I just completed my latest map and im happy with the end results. I need help naming this map.... Any ideas? Also i would like to ask the collective if i should increase the ore value or not? also Im going to run a few games before i put this map in circulation. Should be later today
  18. How do we get a map put in the tournament selection? it can get tiresome playing the same few maps. I would like to request this map to be added to the list. The only change made was the gold value and thats it. Thanks antnest.7z
  19. Fun map... A lot of choke points and land to build on. The war will eventually end rather than drag on for hours do to unlimited supplies, so the losing team or player will eventually have to concede defeat. Enjoy antnest.zip
  20. I am extremely annoyed by the theft of my maps. I created 75ish maps since 2012. I have seen at least 3 of my maps being played under a different name. I foreseen this as being a possible issue when i first started making Skirmish maps. I can identify every map that i have ever made. example: ill create a road and delete, well almost delete it. I will leave a tiny bit of the road that will go unnoticed. I place it in an area that will not effect building and make it where the person does not even know its there... I will do this 2 or 3 times on each map... I think the people the rip maps are useless and it shows characteristics of a cheater and they should be banned
  21. Everybody that has been playing RA1 for years have more than likely learned a lot of their gaming strategy playing The Path And Beyond.. At least i did.. So its one of those maps that you wonder if it should even be touched, because its layout was perfect and helped a lot of people get stuck in Skirmish mode.. I plan to make 2 versions of this map one with Unlimited gold and the other limited. I have currently made the unlimited map and plan to make the limited map in a week or so.. The great part about this map is i basically took all the water and removed it replacing the water lines with rocks.. This provides a lot more building space... I tried to keep it as original as possible by keeping all the choke points in place..Its basically the same map without water.. Its fun to play.... Please give it a go and let me in on your input, thanks Moellerpnb.7z
  22. The real time strategy begins when you make it to the middle of the map.. you must figure out the best way to get past the borders and into the enemies territory while keeping them out of your space.. Be aware of air strikes because the walls will not stop air attacks... Ill upload a video of my friends and i playing the map sometime.. Give it a go and please give me some suggestions on what you would like to see out of Border Jump 4. Thanks, ANT
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