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At the highest level of ability does everyones style become uniform in cnc1?


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So the better you get the less room their is for individuality in terms of your style?

If everyone was good enough would they all play in a very similar way?


Take for example Mike Pence  he always uses an engineer rush either very early or in combination early , hes really good at it, but I sense perhaps he will ultimately find that its a losers gamble, that the money is better off used in a low risk very conservative way. (just a guess I don't know what optimal is)

Now take  my style 2 airfields instead of 1 airfield turrets bazookas refineries and tech, sometimes it works but more often than not doing what Jacko /PHD does works better , its more effective, most of the time.  So  as I gradually learn I become less individualised.   

These individual tactics like engie rushes, early twin airfields etc will take you a long way, and that is great I like to fight against a different style of player it keeps the game interesting, but am I right in presuming that there must be an optimal way (for most maps and situations) and   that will lead to a very uniformed style of play at the very top of the skill curve? 


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