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  1. I noticed one thing about HJK that made is so popular and liked and ive decided to incorporate it into my map making. That is its largely a 1v1 affair and the FFA is usually secondary. People really enjoy this because you get the enjoyment of a 1v1 , without so much of the stress of a real 1v1 fight, and you get to 1v1 WITH other people which is a nicer feeling for most less stress more show off type enjoyment and banter, and then there's a FFA in the same game too and a bit of a higher demand than a normal 1v1 as its sometimes 2v1 so it can build more skill, also after the 1v1 is finished there is a FFA game after its almost like 2 games in one if you know what I mean. But anyway I think that's a big part of the magic of the HJK map the one with extra tiberium in the middle, its the ability to turtle and expand the large amount of tiberium and the largely 1v1 or fair 1 on 1 rather than 2 on 1 affair at the start. So I already have brought this idea to 6 player FFA and 3v3 team games so I can capture this fun on a bigger scale but also so I can train myself and my bros up at 1v1 while playing the usual routine team games and FFA games. Im also going to do this with 2v2 maps, and 4 way FFA maps I have yet to make them. I am also going to make a map where you 1v1 while people watch that way I can bring 1v1 to an audience which is much more fun than doing a 1v1 in isolation with 1 other person, it also gives people witnesses to a loss/defeat as some lie about what happened, we do this already we call it a mini tournament its alot of fun its a great thing to do also if you only have 3 players as 3 way FFA is a drag too. Its much more fun than standard 1v1. People want to watch learn, be watched, show off have a laugh/banter etc as they take turns to 1v1 and you cant do that on normal 1v1 maps so they don't get used for that reason too, this is alot more fun for people which is a big motivator for me to make maps. I hope to reduce the boring standard 1v1 games that few people like anyway and bring people together into groups where we can have more fun together. Thanks for the tips guys that for me was worth the negativity but its the ban baiting corruption, negative mean attitudes and "phoney wanna be intellectually superior" and elitist ego's that have finally lead me away from my long standing attempts at being nice co-operative and professional, I will no longer be trying to assist or help with other peoples ideas nor will I be trying to spread their maps which most people do not like but ive been trying to do this anyway to be nice positive and co-operative, nor will I be taking or implementing their subjective view points as seriously as I was trying to do before. (I think also its good for all of us or at least me if I end the toxic interactions). Now im just going to do my own thing that I love to do and that is to compete at the game and with maps, increase fun and enjoyment for the majority I love the huge positive feedback I get, it makes me very happy, and also to implement my own ideas this I find fulfilling. Kind but competitive regards to all , and Adios!
  2. Community Feedback, this is what I get routinely when Im trying to spread your maps so much so it even happened just now, this is from the majority of the community who are not here in the forum..... I usually hide it from you guys to be nice. https://imgur.com/5r6Jw5D
  3. Im not going to be taking some kind of childish revenge, people that hate someone and try to get them back are the ultimate losers imo especially if its over the long term because they are stuck suffering with anger and hate themselves as they try to take revenge. But I am free now from control and I probably will continue to do things that annoy controlling types (editing peoples maps, creating 1v1 in FFA and team games and so forth) , but does not mean im intentionally doing it to get one back at you, im not. Im not trying to perpetuate the negativity and start a back and forth troll job or spat, that's just not good for anyone except Pence and Co. Im just going to keep to the rules and enjoy my game and my maps. I will add that 2 members here I will name no names (joke) have been trying to make a 1v1 tournament for at least 5 years with no success (before my time and the forum doesn't go back that far even), its not going to happen most likely, since its hard to co-ordinate people together for the tournament because of time zones, work, a lack of interest, people refusing to play other players and we have mini tournaments all the time anyway which we organise ourselves which are far more practical and I should imagine almost as fun. Also if you've failed to make it happen for over 5 years then that is some suggestion in itself, that its not so likely to happen. Secondly the idea of having official maps that are custom made I feel is not right and im against it, because the maps are not popular people don't like them and so you are forcing something onto people by making them "official" you can sugar coat it another way but that's basically what you are doing, you are encouraging and persuading in a way, for people to use these maps over the maps of others and I don't think its right because its a few peoples wants over the majorities. (even if you feel you are the intellectual elite and that you know best for everyone else in our community, and are in charge of them, you might want to consider my next point..... .....That is if your map is good enough to catch on, and you are truly talented at making maps then you don't need to force it on people (granted its quite easy to make a map catchy and it can be very non technical very noobish) but you can also make a technical map that is very popular too (granted its a bit harder) but then you don't need to force it on people by making it "official" or the only map people can use for ranked games , or a tournament etc. It will catch on all by itself. without you even needing to spread it. So make not just a sound technically balanced map, make one that's popular too, (e.g. Vertical Limit 1 has the proper Meta/balance and is popular, plays incredibly, and looks pretty good too) and that's what you need to do if you want your maps to be used, you have to make people love it, I recommend paying attention to people other than yourselves and seeing what they like, investigating and then trying to adapt your maps to fit that, rather than getting into a small group telling yourselves that you are superior and assuming leadership over all of us all and then trying to force what most people do not like onto us! That's my vote anyway I vote against people being forced to use maps they wouldn't pick to use and spread all by themselves. Beethoven produced some masterful music that was popular back in the day but its not so popular today in recent times, Pink Floyd on the other hand produced some music that's also brilliant and its popular in more recent times. No one knows about the guy that made good but unpopular music back in classical times, and no one knows about someone that makes good but unpopular music today, popular opinion is key imo, recent popular opinion, otherwise your creations may as well not exist. If you cant do that cant make them popular and technical that's down to you. I wont reply to this because Im going to stop interacting with your "group" as much as possible, excluding X3M who is welcome in my games etc any time . Just wanted my opinion out there. Peace out
  4. My list based on recent evidence 1) Ferret 2) Lovehandles 3) White 4) PHD ( unknown rank) 5) cn2mc Ehy , MrBuggies, and Jacko have been excluded due to inactivity. To be honest I don't know who is best out of the top 4 ive never seen white vs phd or ferret vs phd or lovehandles vs phd if any 1has the vids please show me Evidence used Ferret I saw beat Lovehandles in a best of 3 (by no means definitive but its the most recent exchange caught on camera and ive not seen anyone else ever beat lovehandles) Love handles beat white I saw in a recent match (ditto) White beats cn2mc im told PHD beats cn2mc ive seen not sure how he does vs others so I wont put him above anyone until further evidence is seen basically phd is an unkown cn2mc is the hardest guy I know of outside these 4 Epheraim is also an unknown ive been told PHD beats him, he is likely top 5 also speedy and weaver improving alot as of late too they are close, mikepence has gone down hill fast due to too much TS, Whats your ranking guess? Sorry if this is an annoying thread but I like rankings alot. Also we dont really need a ranking system I bet we can work it out much more accurately than a rank recording tally. Just by adding up our own experiences
  5. PHD did this really cool move I think it was scatter with bikes and it made them a really difficult to hit with my tanks. It also kept the damage spread over all of the bikes so no 1 bike was lost and they could all still fire which is better than losing 1-2. When ever I try to time tank shells and the missile fire ratio of the bike especially in larger numbers of tanks and bikes I just cant do it very well. There's no rhythm all the tanks and bikes get into position and fire at a different random rate. II think id be better off not manuvering my bikes at all and just concentrate on focus fire better. Any tips for effective hit and run or effective ly taking advantage of the bikes speed /attributes to dish out damage without taking it? (especially in a head on fight with a fairly large number of tanks/bikes im not talking about targeting single units or retreating units but more in head on battles when they are ready for you) A single unit is easy if you have a single bike you just go fire as soon as the bike fires move it away once its reloaded go back perhaps make them miss then fire , run away, repeat. But in larger numbers this becomes much more difficult to do. Should you just try to recreate the effect as best you can or should you just concentrate on focus fire instead?
  6. Im glad you are so happy and not trying to get me back.... Peace bro
  7. I have always beaten you from my buggy spam days till recently, sure you win some but I mean I win more times than you do, (I don't literally mean I beat you all the time that of course isn't true) our last game who won the majority of the games? PHD and Ggeneral were watching ! You cant deny it now . We both know its true also, you know the truth and I do and that will never go away either. Also I shouldn't have even been able to touch you as a new guy, and you're the guy that specialises and near exclusively makes and plays only 1v1 and uve been playing for way longer than me have loads more knowledge and experience and time. Cmon man accept the truth. Also I have to log in after a different name to get a match with you and whenever I try to fight you when uve set up a match you make excuses say maybe later and so on. You get angry when I play you under a different name. Also I had no experience vs good GDI players at all it was a massive change in meta for me vs you every time and not the other way around on top of that you are unorthodox in style giving you yet more experience advantage and you still lose more than me than the other way around. And its always on your map you always had map advantage to boot. Low tiberium everything, low familiarity for me everything in your favour and you still lose more times than not. Oh anyway I think its a misunderstanding I mean I beat you more often than you beat me, so yes that's what I meant by that. So a misunderstanding, As for pence that's what he says and claims I never said anything other than that, Im always sceptical of his claims, if it was true however hes equal with you on your map, playing your game, and he only plays cnc1 a little he plays tiberium sun the most so hes only a part time player for cnc1 and very new much newer than me. Only you and Pence know if this one is true or not. Edit: 1 thing I will add though is that you said above here that you haven't played pence recently and in another post you said you played him about a month ago and you couldn't see any depth to his engineer game, you implied their in that engineer tips thread/cheese thread that you had played him recently, but deny it ever happened here.
  8. A new update to the rankings (remember these rankings are constantly in flux so don't be disappointed if your ranking is lower it can very easily change depending on how active etc you are, this is also just an approximation my input from my experience if you like to be adapted with other peoples input and experience, especially with regards to phd vs lovehandles) Ferret has lost his number 1 spot due to what I presume is inactivity, he has lost to much lower ranking guys as of late and in a bad way. SMT has improved significantly and recently beat white in a 1v1 he truly is elite now a new member of the elite Speedy Dash is excellent Chem has improved as of late and has gone up the rankings, he keeps improving Ghost is a new member of the elite , an old pro that just came back, he is already high up the food chain, White has decreased in rank due to losing to SMT and via comparison like I can beat SMT and others that can beat white and so I now rank above white it becomes clear after a while even if 2 ppl don't face off he beat me b4 when I was a buggy spammer fair n square but im not longer that buggy spammer I play completely differently and much better now Cn2mc ive beaten always, and he recently drawed with Mike Pence according to pence not sure if that's true or not Weaver has had a what seems to be a decreased ability so much so that he cant even hang with the regulars' anymore, which is crazy since he was near top 5 just a short time ago, I think he has declined and the group of regulars has increased in skill . I beat weaver very easily multiple times now after a long lay off on holiday. Step it up Weave! I know you are better than this! Lovehandles remains rusty as hell but still potent as hell PHD is likely number 1 but there is still doubt in my mind I cant handle Lovehandles at all, PHD I can compete with, with Lovehandles its not even competitive for me he wipes the floor with me totally and utterly. Epheraim has been very inactive and so has probably fallen in rank as others have improved (same situation as Ferret but he hasn't played enough to confirm this its just a guess) Mike Pence has gone up in rank despite playing multiple games and only being part time player of cnc1, he supposedly had a draw game with cn2mc , so at least cn2mc has the guts to face people in 1v1 this is good too many hiders and coward trying to protect their rank in the top 10 So the new rankings in my mind are as follows. 1) Lovehandles (It could be PHD but from my experience Lovehandles is harder and its not even competitive for me, Ive heard that PHD beat Love but Lovehandles is the type of guy that says someone is stronger when they are not, just because hes such a humble guy, I also didn't see or hear that PHD beat him from proper sources this is just what some ppl have said, problem is lovehandles demotes himself unfairly hes so humble so he spreads the wrong rumours. 2) PHD, could be number 1, but it doesn't fit my experience of playing both of them nor have I got proper confirmation, please start recording game guys we want to see the rpos go at it and get the confirmation of the wins the evidence. But yea rrumour has it that PHD is number 1 and that he beat Lovehandles, also note I am having very close fights with PHD but not Lovehandles , the same is true of Ferret vs Lovehandles my experience of Love seems vastly different to Ferrets and PHD's and my experience of the other 2 is that they are not in the same league as Lovehandles but apparently that's not the case. It just goes against my personal experience so I find it hard to believe or accept. 3) Chem, I believe I am 3rd now, I beat Ferret as of late easily, I believe SMT and other lower ranking guys have beaten Ferret too in a similar way, hes not the same guy anymore, largely but not entirely due to inactivity (also note when ferret beat me before and recorded it I would have won had it not been for the engie that he used, I didn't defend it or use it because I thought it was against his and whites rules, I would have won and you can see that in the video if it hadn't of been for the unexpected engie taking my 2nd airfield, the one time I fight under the no engie rule and it gets used on me, so anyway Ferrets super good but Im too nice I don't state the truth when I should because I want to be nice and not cause a rift with people, but this is an unhealthy way to behave so im saying even when I was a lot worse I was competitive with ferret and now im a lot better as im used tyo the new meta) 4) Ephraim I was beating last time we played I know he mostly relies on airfields etc I believe ive advanced enough at the official meta to out rank him and that he has declined via inactivity I believe this is enough for me to out rank him but we need to fight to truly know, its just an approximation, some people stay awesome even with inactivity some do not,, we need to fight again, Ephraim may well be 3 5) SMT is now probably number 5 hes shot up the rankings hes damn good now, he beat white handily and I find him a struggle, think he beat ferret too 6) Ferret a super pro that has fallen badly perhaps due to inactivity but can perhaps rise up again if he decides to be more active, but hes going to have a hard time vs PHD on any map and Lovehandles on a map like Green Acres and not on a map like blistering sands , also it would be good to see Lovehandles in shape and start facing people that way, rather than doing it in such a rusty state. 7) White a solid player very technical knowledgeable and experienced hard for almost anyone bar the top 2 Mike Pence so hard to know who is better with him and white because white will not fight him even on his own maps for whatever reason that we do not know.... he drew with cn2mc lately but I give him the edge over cn2mc because I find him harder even tho I fight him all the time, and he faced cn2mc at his own maps so home advantage. 9). Cn2mc is an expert at 1v1 only, with lots of experience behind him and lots of knowledge of the game, 10) Ghost is ace newly active but an ancient player 11 Speedy Dash still damn good but havnt seen him play as much lately so I have to ranking him according to how he played last time we played im not sure if hes improved or stayed the same im ranking him as if hes the same its SMT that's changed so much and changed the dynamic, id like to see him vs speedy and fight speedy myself 12 Cat is like a lesser version of white but still very good, he may be better than speedy Sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings our egos are on the line here, but I have to be as objective as I can be, and that often means I have to hurt the feelings of people I like in order to be truly objective. Also remember you can soon disprove me if you want just ask for a 1v1 and Im no coward I will fight anyone!! This is also just my input it needs to be cross examined with other peoples to get a more accurate list. Also 3- 9 is highly volatile meaning anyone of them can drastically change position at anytime its very close Also note these rankings are way more impressive than they seem, when Ferret or Lovehandles or PHD go to red alert they are very high up compared with the majority of players id say top 10% easily if not top 5% (most people you consider noob in ra1 are actually average) and they have a huge number of players so you can see even though our numbers are small we are a super tough crowd. Same applied to much larger numbers of people in other games, that void of average players gets much larger and the elite doesn't increase anywhere near as much
  9. 1) If its a true remaster I think it would be wise to take a que from a previous game title that was in a similar situation and did a fanatic and successful job of updating a classic game without ruining it for alot of people, it was basically a big success and managed to keep everyone happy. So it would probably be a good idea to employ the same strategy. The game is called street fighter 2 and even though its not the same genre of game even, it has a lot of parallels, it was one the defining games of its genre, an older game, it had a specific feel, a specific balance which was slightly flawed, and people had invested alot of time in it and developed alot of skill on it. The game that remastered it was called super street fighter 2 turbo HD remix. It didn't change much but it did update the graphics so they looked the simlar but better the music which was just updated in quality and tweaked more or less, and it kept the same feel the same physics the same balance (the balance was tweaked a tiny bit and I think that was an option you can turn on and off even for the balance like classic mode and updated mode) and so the skillset of the players could transfer over almost directly into the new game as did the feel and the comfort zone feel/factor. I think they got just right they maintained a classic and everything everyone loves about it and all the investment of time skill and familiarity with how the game feels was kept in. So there was no disconnect it felt like it was the same game with a graphics music balance and features boost! I think the same should be done with cnc1 remastered, allow bigger maps more people, an optional slightly improved balance, higher quality versions of the same music and graphics, get rid of left side and bottom advantage, keep the same physics, feel, comfort zone, and skill investment. 2) If its a remake on a different engine I think the command and conquer 3 is a wise game to learn from it was a success because it kept everything that people love about cnc1, static base building , tiberium harvesting, basic tanks and military equipment not walkers etc basic looking military equipment all the core fundamentals that made the command and conquer popular in the 1st place, it didn't deviate away from the proven core design, everything appealed to the majority of cnc1 fans, this second answer will annoy lots of very hard core fans that didn't like cnc3 but they are a minority and therefore less important than the majority in my opinion, less important for profit too. I would recommend if its a remake that a lot of nostalgia is involved alot of the looks buildings feel and units are reused, and then add a bit of variety in the same style as the original command and conquer 1, so that mix of near future sci fi and current military equipment could be extended with extra units from our current military involved in the new game, perhaps deeper air and navy would be nice, for me at least it would. I cant comment on ra1 it so fundamentally broken with infinite money and that's where peoples skill sets and comfort zones are developed and invested, that it seems a much harder problem to solve and a harder game to remaster perhaps infinite money should be an option or game mode that way havening 2 options can please everyone. Kind regards, Chem (will update for grammar in a bit) I see don't make multiple suggestions as the advice given but this is really only 2 suggestions and I went into detail about them, I can cut out the detail but then it wouldn't make much sense and I wouldn't be able to communicate what I wanted.
  10. chem

    A couple of dangerous 6P maps

    Don't expect them to catch on for now or any FFA maps for that matter, everyone has been playing teams games almost exclusively as of late, Zodiac see's a lot of action but a few are against it, the turtle players really don't like it so I have to switch it to another 2v2 map sometimes, but we will go back to ffa at some point and then these maps will see some action and whether they stick or not is out of my control, but I will definitely be putting them out there, I know I will enjoy playing them.
  11. My ideas to answer my own question 1) Make them miss with a drive by (shots don't connect that well when you are moving but they will still automatically fire at you), fire /unload on them as they are reloading, then move before they fire again or as they are firing their 2nd shot, rinse and repeat. 2) More to come....
  12. Going to try and see if people can handle low tiberium maps, see if they hate it, will host that way tonight, PHD says its a more strategic style of play. Last time I tried it didn't go down so well. Will try again. While we do not agree on many things I still take your points seriously and will try them out. PHD also did this unusual move with tanks where I think he spammed scatter/move with fire orders in fast succession so the tanks did this jittering move very good hard to focus fire on and he timed it so they moved in-between THEIR OWN shots so they fired then dodged as they were reloading then fired again. I think what im trying to do in large numbers doesn't work unless you have more hot key skill and break big groups up into teams but still using them as a whole to take advantage of the efficiency of large numbers vs small idea, (an instance where alot more skill or a different type of skill is required on money maps ie being able to efficiently control a massive group of units this is alot harder than controlling just a few units well, on low money maps, which is why there's a tendency to just slam on high tiberium maps, you have to use hotkeys to a higher level of proficiency ) (That's partly why I emphasise learning it all, money maps, open maps, low money maps, clustered maps, team games, 1v1, 3 vs 2, 3v3, FFA, , unfair maps, unbalanced maps, cheesing, no cheesing, etc it all helps improve overall skill, the more difficult situations you are put under the better you get as a player, (stress tested) , tested for weaknesses, improved in ways fair play cant improve you, sometimes sticking only to well designed balanced maps and fair play weakens you as a player) That's also why people are scared to fight someone outside the original maps or scared to fight outside balanced 1v1 maps or outside money maps, or outside their own favourite map, or with cheesing /no cheesing involved, or when theres a direct close open path between each other early, or when the maps open, etc because their skill set is limited to just 1 thing, its not adaptive. It gives them an unfair advantage in that specific thing, short term, but overall they are just not that good and it will be a cost to their long term skill. (cnc1 on cnc.net is not the same as the original cnc1 the metas are all over the place even a well designed fair map like blistering sands is a very different meta to the original red sands there's so much more money and its more even, it changes the play style drastically, and then 1 step above that with even more tiberium is a different meta still, teams are different meta to ffa, 1v1 different to teams do you want a specific skill set to get an advantage in 1 area short term at least, (somewhat like a noob that only plays 1 map so he can win) or a general skillset to be overall a better player?) So back to my point hit and run or hit and dodge doesn't work in large numbers unless they are grouped into smaller groups and used near simultaneously to do their hit and run/fire and dodge fire!? So basically to answer my own question you have to use more teams and more hotkey skill as the numbers get larger!
  13. Southern Utah will always be more popular than some of the best maps ever made by map makers simply because its fun to play and has a shed load of tiberium. Should these maps be taken away from everyone? If they are not they will always replace the superior maps for the majority of players. (even if you start training noobs on good maps they will still go to the fun instant gratification money maps further down the line I bet, just like the long term players do) If you don't believe on banning them out right do you think we should embrace them and make more of them and make them more fun and better? Where do you draw the line on banning them vs having some vs having many?
  14. Brother SMT you are part of the elite now! Nice to have one of my peak time bros in here!
  15. Any popular map that I make and that you see that look like something very ugly fast to make and unbalanced will be updated so its at least reasonable looking and reasonably balanced taking heed in what White and Cn2mc have taught me about map making. All final versions of the maps I make will be of this reasonable standard. Here are two maps for proof of that. I havnt decided on the final designs of these 2 but I just wanted to show that im not just polluting the place with low effort badly balanced money maps, I am making an effort to make good maps and hopefully the final versions of these maps will cause the older versions and less decent maps to stop circulating.
  16. Thanks for your honest feedback and expert help, I will make sure refineries can fit in the middle from all angles. Or do you mean its just a bad idea tactically to expand into the middle? Would it be better filled with tiberium? 1 last key thing I wanted to know is, is the above map strategically deep like your FFA map, do the pathways achieve that? Or the same level of depth as your 2 ffa maps? I do not know because ive only just learnt about the idea from you
  17. 1) How do you counter this rush if you are GDI I tried it with a GDI pro and he was able to stop it via blocking with buildings cliffs and unit cluter and guard towers machine gun ones. The block basically stopped it, but he had cliffs to help the block without those cliffs does this rush become unstoppable? Or just another cheese that does not work vs someone really good? I suppose a load of barracks and silos mixed in with your troops tanks and turrets will stop it? 2) 2nd cheese idea: The all in 4 heli rush with harvester the counter is bazooka men and you can run them down with the harvester scout but then if they are good they will scatter the bazooka men and destroy the harvester then destroy the helis, but I thought what if the helis attacked WHILE the bazookers were doging then they cant possibly shoot down the helis if they are dodging and shooting the harvester at the same time?? I suppose a load of barracks refineries and helis all over the show will stop it but you have to be able to scout the harvester in time and build them in time which might not be the dominant position to be in to win otherwise you will have to build a different type of build and decide to do that before the game begins,?
  18. Before I start making the map look symmetrical and pretty etc would you say ive understood and implemented what you've taught me about map design judging by this sketch map? Does this map resolve all your criticisms? Ive made it larger while keeping perfect symmetry (when its finished it will be symmetrical) (something your map loses to gain extra space, your map is not and cannot be perfectly balanced or symmetrical) Its no longer an open field its balanced between open and closed (I felt some of your map and maps are too closed off which is annoying because the AI is awkward and it is awkward to have to cram units through 1 cell spaces, especially when there are alot of units) that's why I always deviated to open, and the pillars were to help GDI defend their base like an extra bit of wall. There are many angles of attack so you can surprise people and fake them out adding to the adrenaline tactics and excitement. Im not sure if that qualified as the strategic depth you were talking about? Mostly involving te pathways? Less tiberium although I feel it needs more since its 6 player, with the extra room that's doable now I can fit more tiberium in if needed. I put 1 more small patch behind everyone's start position Yea does this map solve all the criticisms if it doesn't please criticise away so I can solve them before I make it properly. Cheers
  19. chem

    Should money maps be taken away or left in?

    " I'm coming up with how to make a map play better matches more frequently. And we can debate what makes matches better... but what clearly doesn't, is removing the skill ceiling." You just failed to display an understanding of subjective vs objective again. That's an opinion. There can be popular opinions and unpopular opinions...... If you want an applied science style of map making you have to start with a goal and then use the scientific method and scientific knowledge (facts) to reach that goal. Problem is your goal isn't everyone else's goal, and its not a pure science so its all based on an opinion at the root , so there is no real merit in your opinion/goal over other peoples opinions/goals on these matters.
  20. chem

    Should money maps be taken away or left in?

    Oh white re the subjective opinion vs objective fact idea, you talked about social science well that's an applied science not a real science it uses the scientific method to reach a goal but it starts with a subjective premise/goal. So with regards to maps, factually speaking Trichotomy is no better than southern Utah, seems crazy but that's the objective truth according to science. I would have thought Trichotomy is vastly superior to southern Utah but the truth and objective reality is that they are not. Same goes for any other teaching point or opinion you and others have have that isn't factual in nature. Its important to make people aware of this point because there's alot of strong opinions and strong group opinions, and people being taught as if these were fact, and they these opinions have absolutely no merit even if it seems like they do.
  21. But he was better than me and 99% if not 100% of people. So maybe he is on another level of thinking. The more I play the more I find buggies are worthless alone in large numbers (and humvees) and you are better off building a mix of units or tanking. Its seems these days the less buggies I build the more effective I am. (the complete opposite of my greener days) Yet he relied on them so much he even named himself mr buggies. He rarely if ever played a game without them. Is it because the low money maps which were also open made buggies more potent ? (it seems they suck because the counter of tanks turrets, flammers etc just reduce buugies to dust (while remaining themselves) and then you just wasted a ton of money on buggies and you have nothing the extra mobility doesn't count for jack they are base creeping and securing the tiberium fields that way with tanks hons and turrets) It just seems with good defence buggies are worthless die fast and then theres a massive hole in both your defence and offence when they are gone and you become very vulnerable
  22. wHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT A NATURAL REALISTIC LOOKING MAP VS AN UNREALISTIC FANTACY MAP? KEEPING IT REALISTIC LOOKING IS MY PREFERENCE IF POSSIBLE BUT I FIND IT A MASSIVELY LIMITING PART OF MAP DESIGN IT LIMITS YOU SO MUCH, it limits fun, strategic depth resources space and so on (at least potentially it does) Basically there are far more options for everything if you are not confined by "natural looking" Do you guys prefer fantasy maps e.g. a spider web style map or something thats in-between e.g. semi natural looking but symmetrical with a design, or do you prefer totally natural looking?
  23. Yea takes a good deal of practice to stop him he's a beast at it only a few people can stop him more than 50% of the time, and I ave to change my build order in order (to 1 refinery) to be able to do that , worst thing is hes got complex layers to his game if you protect your conyard he will go for an airfield if you protect both of those a loaded refinery and failing getting a crucial building he will take any building he can and build a hand of nod turrets more engies flamers, and send buggie reinforcements from his base and fight you in your base. Ive never seen any1 play like pence. Hes not the best guy around and I understand why hes not liked but when you sit across from him in a 1v1, you don't sit there in a relaxed state, he also terrorises the noobs and anyone that cant stop his rush.
  24. Thanks, here you go, https://youtu.be/MmSVDty-Ivo