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Command and Conquer promo pins


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I saw a picture a while ago of a nod insignia pin and instantly wanted one. After some looking they seem very rare as I've only found two for sale, but I've seen a large pile of them on a museum's web site. Is there any others that people know about for sale. I've seen the set in the old Westwood catalog, there is both a "new" and "worn out" set and those would be ideal. I have attached the catalog for reference, the sets are called c&c faction set and c&c tiberian sun faction set and are in the last few pages.


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Yes, these are very rare and were only available from Westwood.com or in certain bundles at certain stores. I don't think you can get them from anywhere other than auction/used goods sites like Ebay and similar and when they show up people usually want quite a bit of money for them.

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