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YR TvB Act1 ! (2v2map)


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Disclaimer- I am nowhere near a good map maker and i understand that, so my maps may be simple; but i enjoy making these so whatever...


Briefing: Tensions have risen between the T army and the B army,  the B army has decided to launch a surprise offensive...or so they thought!  the T army is well positioned in a very crucial territory. With resources already spent the B army has no choice but to charge forward under the leadership of their commanders. What will happen?

This is a 2v2 map where one team gets to play as the B(bottom) army  and one team gets to play as the  T(Top) army; so its TvB.

B army- Those playing the B army will need to expand forward as ore and gems are more towards the top/middle of the map. they will need to work together to take the important gem patch on the east side of the map while trying to secure  control of the west lake region  early. This team has to be aggressive from the start and will need good teamwork to win this match!

T army- Those playing the T army will  need to try to grab tech buildings and set up  strong outposts to keep the B army at bay. they have more resources however they are lacking easy access to gems.  Taking the eastern gem patch in the middle of the map would be a vital blow to the B team and should assure victory!


I love feedback, if my maps suck tell me.. this is just for fun so i can take bad heat, however remember this isn't meant to be an official map. I'm such a little kid lol



act 1.jpg

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