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C&C binging... so great


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I recently completed all the C&C games, playing them after signing up at Origin.

Dawn, Sun, RA, RA2/+Yuri... all awesome games. Been very long, many many years, since I played them.

They just continued to get better and better.... until they moved to a 3D engine based. For some reason all those 3D engine based games just seem "off". C&C3 feels decent though, but still a bit empty.

I've played Starcraft 2 a lot and got really good in it. So it's just not a matter of the game being in 3D that is the problem, it's the perspective and view area that matter a lot, and the mechanics. And the graphical design of the game matters a lot. In RA3 I am totally clueless as to what is going on, so much nonsense going on that you just get disoriented. Units are not recognizable, too small, etc. And they made the game mechanics too complex for my liking.

For some reason the 3D games reduced the viewport area of the game, while in RA2 you can get a huge viewport area.

In some sense I feel Red Alert 2 looks awesome, there's so much quality in the graphics...probably the best in C&C-verse. They pretty much took 2D as far as it was possible.

And when I compare RA2 to Starcraft 2 it's clear that RA2 has a lot of similar game mechanics, and even surpasses SC2 in many regards. For one thing the SC2 maps are very dull, but there is so much going on in the RA2 maps, buildings and stuff you can fortify or capture. Also RA2 has ground, air and naval, while SC2 only has ground and air. Also RA2 has super weapons, although not all are great, the iron curtain surely is a interesting one and chronosphere.. I dont think the destroying weapons like nuke and weatherstorm are great for multiplayer.


If they ever made another C&C game, like Red Alert 4, they should use RA2 as a model.

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Now that you've completed it all, you should go ahead and try out some of the awesome fan-made mods. There are a few good ones out there but some of the best ones that come to mind are Mental Omega, Dawn of the Tiberium Age and Twisted Insurrection. And there is of course online multiplayer as well.

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