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[4] South East Asia


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Well, cause I'm currently in the mood here comes another Geomap. This time it's a navy map which is designed for 2vs2, but works as FFA pretty well too.134732003_4SouthEastAsia.thumb.jpg.44f76ef0d5c2f18bf4c66ddf42035b9f.jpg


DOWNLOAD [4] south east asia.map

The center islands (Borneo & Sulawesi) are neutral and have lots of ore.

Cities are : Ho-Chi-Minh , Kuala Lumpur, Singapur, Jakarta, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Bandar-Seri-Begawan, Makasar and Manila. 

I tried to prevent a destroyer rush as far as possible. So you have bunkers at the important spots to prevent destroyers from passing in the beginning if captured.

*All spots are balanced


Changelog :

24-07-2018 :

*Added bridges to the south east islands

*Added more ore tibs to Sulawesi, so it's not just all about Borneo

*Placed the oil towers differently, so they are on the one hand more vulnerable to destroyer attacks, but on the other hand doesn't destroy the base. They are on different shores, so you can't rush them both in one run.

*Removed air field, hospital and oil towers on borneo and sulawesi, so you have to move with your mcv to this island. This will slow down the hectic beginning a littlebit.

*Made Sulawesi a bit bigger so you can build a little base there too.

*Added little more water cliffs so you have certain areas where your ships can't go



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